Asad Abbas Malik

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ADDRESS 1: Chak No. 45/TDA Adda Jahan Khan Bhakkar, Pakistan

2. Chak No 33 / 10-R Kacha Khooh Khanewal. Pakistan.

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To achieve a responsible position in a dynamic organization which will enable me

to utilize all my capabilities and experiences and offer a challenging career with a

Congenial working Environment and opportunities for learning and growth.


Abilities, Capabilities, Proficiency and Expertise:

 Accounting and Finance:

*          Preparation of Accounting records manually and computerized

up to Income and Expenditure Statements and Final Balance Sheet.

*              Handling of Cash and its distribution with cash flow chart.

*              Preparation of Party Ledgers for payables and receivables.

*              Preparation of Banking records, Reconciliations and documentations.

*              Preparation of Fixed Assets schedule and Overheads Statements.

*              Preparation of Salaries and Wages Sheets and its Distribution.

*              Preparation of Documents for financial requirements’ for all type of Financial Institutions

*              Have very good analytical command to fulfill and meet company’s financial needs.

*              Preparation of all type of Administrative Reports.

Handling of all Concerned Government Departments (I.e. Social Security, EOBI, Labour Department, Sales Tax & Excise, Income Tax and Customs).


·         Preparation of Sales Tax documentation with its Refund Claims Documentation and Electronic data processing.

·         Preparation of Income Tax documentation with its filling Final Returns for Taxation.

·         Preparation of Income Tax Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual returns for Advance Income Tax and Withholding Income Tax and there E. Filling as per new regulations.

Export, Import:

*              Preparation of Export documentations.

*              Preparation of Import documentations.

*              Preparation of L. c. documentations.

*              Preparation of Bonds for Customs for Bonded Export / Import and documentations.


*              Preparation of all type of corporate reports.

*              Preparation and submission of Annual Reports for SECP.

*                         Preparation and submission of Special Reports for SECP.

Computers and Social Media:

            Ø Sales and purchase of Computers.

Ø Sourcing of all computer Parts.

Ø Net Working and data sharing between computers.

Ø Social media advertising and marketing.

Ø Influencing people through social media.

Ø Search engine optimization for websites.

Ø Free lance Journalist for Print and Electronic media.

Ø Powerful, mind blowing, creative and informative blogging.

Ø Making creative graphic work for websites and official advertising materials.

Ø Web page designing and launching of new attractive websites.

Asad Abbas Malik,
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Asad Abbas Malik,
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