Welcome to my site...

I also own the audio software company Ear Machine LLC. We primarily make mobile apps that provide intuitive interfaces for audio manipulation.

I have previously been a postdoctoral researcher with
 Pamela Souza in the Hearing Aid Laboratory in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University. I was a graduate student in the Psychoacoustics Laboratory, under the guidance of Beverly Wright. I also worked with Bryan Pardo in the Interactive Audio LabSumitrajit Dhar in the Auditory Research Lab, David Eddins at the University of Rochester, and was affiliated with the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems. As an undergraduate I worked with John Middlebrooks and Ewan Macpherson at the University of Michigan

I am broadly interested in hearing and audio processing.  My research spans
perceptual learning, psychoacoustics, sound localization, hearing aid fitting, and the design of audio processing interfaces. My dissertation focused on the perceptual learning of spectral and spectro-temporal modulation detection in individuals with normal and impaired hearing, and was funded by the National Institutes of Health: NIDCD