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Students have problems with POV glasses

posted Sep 1, 2010, 3:43 PM by Kenneth Meyer
This week the students are creating more Point Of View (POV) video clips of their electronics projects. Many are working at night after classes. This is creating problems because of low lighting levels at night in domestic context.
Most students are now awear of the low lighting issue and are now taking steps to assist the problem. The exact problem is the POV glasses auto light level control. If recording the output of a digiatl ocilisope, the POV glasses adjusts for the bright video disply of the digital scope. The result is verything else is completely blacked out. To get appropriate operation the ambiant lighting level must be the same as the scope output.
The solution to this for next years students will be more extensive in class training with POV glasses. The training will also simulate different lighting levels and examin the results.