I am Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. I received my Bachelors and Master degrees in Economics, from Middle East Technical University (METU). After studying as a Jean Monnet Scholar at the London School of Economics, I completed my Doctoral Degree at Hacettepe University.

My research is focused  on international economics, economic integration theory and  the economics of the European Union. In particular I am interested in the effects of Turkey's Customs Union with the European Union (See my 'Effects of the Customs Union with the European Union on the Market Structure and Pricing Behavior of the Turkish Manufacturing Industry,' in Applied Economics, vol. 38, 2006, with Sevinc Mıhcı).

In addition, I am currently conducting research into the relationship between education and health (see my 'Human Capabilities Versus Human Capital: Gauging the Value of Education in Developing Countries', Social Indicators Research,  Septemeber 2006, with Simon Wigley) as well as the relationship between political regime type and health (TUBITAK research grant, with Simon Wigley).