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Survival Cooking Gear

survival cooking gear
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143 5-star accomodations
143 5-star accomodations
Gear includes the Gatewood Cape, ZPack Blast 3200, Gossamer Gear trekking poles, a Western Mountain 20 degree mummy bag, the NeoAir sleep pad, and a tyvek ground sheet. The yellow stuff sack holds my BPL Merino wool base layer, gloves, balaclava, fleece hat, and an extra pair of socks. I also carry a Thermawrap jacket and wear a wind shirt over my light hiking shirt. In the pack is my first aid kit, fire/cooking kit, a safety/survival kit, and a2L Platypus water bag with a Sawyer water filter. I carried my 7 days food supply in the small Bear Vault. Total pack weight at the beginning of this trip-including food and water - 26lbs
Survival Gear
Survival Gear
I have never eaten so much grilled food as I did when I was downrange. The BBQ (the term is used loosely, especially by non-USians) is a sacred tradition. Meat is procured (somehow...we don't ask but we do ensure that it is of good quality) and then there is some gentle bickering over the cooking (fact: South Africans with their tradition of 'the brai' will insist on pain of death that they are the best at cooking on a grill.) the fire gets started (leave this action to SAers; they really do know what they are doiing) and then you hang out and talk until the food is ready. Some of the best steaks I've ever had.

survival cooking gear
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