Collective Nouns and Units of Measurement

 A stone of junkies
 An ounce of scents
 A pound of boxers
 A foot-pound of skinheads
 A carat of vegetables
 A point of questions
 A grain of cereal
 A gram o' phones
 A degree [also revolution] of students
 A poise
 of models
 A knot of rope
 A bar of drunkards
 A gray of aliens
 A chain of sadomasochists
 A link of golfers
 A foot of chiropodists
 A joule of diamonds
 A Hertz of surgeons
 A Kilohertz of dentists
 A byte of dentists
 A Scruple of politicians
 A Gill of fish
 A peck of kisses
 A cup of bras