Hello, and welcome to my website ! My name is Arylic Singh and i am just a Normal guy that does some nifty thing to keep me busy. During my lifetime i have done a lot of things and gained more in return that's why i have made this website to keep in touch with the world and the great people that form to build it. I am a freelancer Programmer in c++, Gml, java, Dark basic, HTML, php and Css. I also put my talents to use and make some money out of it by designing website and building them from ground up for really cheap. I am art fan and i have been doing it since pre-school and i love it. I do all sorts of drawings and paintings and also do pixel art (Drawings done on computer) . You may say that's enough but it is not i also like electrical things and engineering so i joined a really helpful website which taught me how to continue my hobby and i have done really great things with it. As a normal guy i also go to school, i have attended Fulton primary school for 8 years and now continuing my studies at Tailevu North College doing pure science since i wanna become a Neurosurgeon  . Any ways try exploring my website and hope you like it.
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Welcome to the New website !

We have Planned to shift my website because the old service was a bit poor and had many problems and was hard to manage so we now use google site. It's a small service but a great content manager to use for personal websites. So hope to see new things here again.

Moce Jo !

Posted By : Arylic on 26/05/09 10.55 am


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