aryanet's social responsibility and strategic positioning

Good day Brethren,

aryanet is a special forum where over 200 members of aryavaisya are members. The topics of the posts in the forum vary widely. Not all topics can be of interest to every member. Some posts are meant along improving general knowledge, some are thoughts along empowering the community and some deliberate on social issues.

Being part of the Indian social fabric, many a times the discussions along social issues or empowering the community can spill over to politics and entities outside the group. This is natural as the other entities and, the political and governmental positioning influence several aspects of social living.

The media (printed, visual, online forums) play an important role in disseminating information / news across. The political parties, governmental bodies, societies and NGOs strategically position themselves for the benefit of the respective entities or their bases.

As a responsible entity, aryanet has to have its own positioning and can impact the community to a certain extend. This forum can act as a mouth piece of the community.

It is desirable to have issue based discussions within aryanet to enrich the group with varying views meant along a way for reevaluating individual positioning. Discussions on social issues will enrich members with various views and perceptions. Though the impact of such discussions is not explicitly measurable, they have profound impact in every community or society. For instance, the comment about personal hygiene (a temple poojari's unhygienic act in a temple), will open up thought processes in several members. Someone may then air / share a comment about it in a forum back home, resulting in some positive effects.

It is highly desirable to look at the aryanet forum from such a positioning and it is essential to approach and evaluate the subjects in posts from a wider perspective where the discussions may have varying impacts in the social living of the community in the long run.

Issue based discussions, paves the way of thinking in a reasonable manner and to rise above the issues. From this view point, the aryanet group has to have some strategic positioning where it is desirable to look beyond the present times and beyond the subjects. It is good to have discussions which will influence the members in a way to evaluate and assess issues by rising above them and in a way to influence the society at large.

As an example, I would like to take up the news on invoking NSA on one of the candidates of the forthcoming Indian election. Can we have a discussion on the subject without any political prejudices? It is very evident that every party back home, follow or take stands along highly deliberated strategical positioning. The act of invoking NSA is sending a message that the current Govt. is strict with respect to a specific entity and the speeches of a certain kind. It can also result in taking the focus away from the security lapses in recent times. This is deliberative positioning to reach out to a section of the populace. Even if the detainee comes out clean later, the act of detaining has sent a signal to the targeted audience.

It is possible to argue that such a move is effective as the very act has resulted in the associated party to impose self control in speeches to some extend. From a social perspective this is a welcome trend.

On the other hand, it is possible to argue that the act of invoking NSA is not fair as several others who had crossed certain limits have not been constrained. Such a positioning can help the concerned party to reach out to its own cadre.

It is natural that the associated parties will take maximum advantage of the incident. (There could be other possible positioning on the subject, however, that is not the focus of this post / discussion.)

As a social entity aimed at empowering aryavaisya at large, whether aryanet be discussing such an issue or can we take a stand that, that issue has no impact on our community?

The public by and large, side with one or the other, or may stop listening to such happenings.

Discussions of such kind and type within this forum may help many of the members to look at issues from different perspectives assisting them not to be emotionally associated with any of the issues. In the interest of the community at large, it is highly desirable to assist the members to evolve to a state where they are able to asses issues at a higher plane, empowering them to think beyond issues paving the way for preparing them to listen to differing views. Reaching such a state will take time and demands concerted efforts from everyone.

It is evident that the existing media (printed and visual) may not be interested to make the mass to think above issues. Though, there are several publications where good analysis on similar issues is published. However, many a times, the public is not able to reach them or be selective in their readings or take a stand to read / listen to only a certain kind of publication.

Can aryanet help its members to rise above issues? A spark in one place (say within aryanet) may light up the community and may spread to others. At least that can be a hope to live with!

As a group which is committed to the betterment of the community, it is the responsibility of the aryanet group to deliberate on various issues which can have direct or indirect impact on the community either in the short term or long term. It is also needed to help the group to evolve to a healthy state where cohesiveness and coming together are essential for the benefit of everyone.

In this regard, the request to everyone is to take a stand such that it will help the community to benefit in one way or other. For this, it is expected of the members to be a bit more insightful and observant as far as the wordings in the posts are concerned.

Members are advised to draft messages in a way where the language and logic associated with the posts are not being emotionally carried away. Such a suggestion is aired to assist the members to effectively position their views with an aim to convince and reach out to a larger cross section of the group.

Having said that, it is felt that the thread with contributions from Rajesh, Krishna, Boby, Brijesh and Vivek had several gems of thoughts, which went unnoticed in this forum.

The following gems of thoughts are evident in the said discussion thread and they all have direct or indirect impact on the community or society at large in one way or other:
  1. Rajesh's pain with respect to the way temple money is being utilized.
  2. Krishna's posts on temple money and prevailing political scenario.
  3. Boby was vocal along a healthy secular environment and for the need of preserving social values.
  4. Brijesh's anguish over the prevailing political system and its impact in the long run.
  5. Vivek's views on the value of respecting the woman folks and a positioning not to take the law in hands.
It is very much desirable to bring more members to the forefront of this forum which is possible only by having discussions on various topics.

It is needed to polish the thoughts to project the gems within to attract more member participation. Such discussions can have profound impact among the group members, which could pave the way for disseminating those views to a wider cross section of the community or society subsequently.

It is the hope that aryanet can make a difference to the community at large by deliberating on various issues in an objective manner.

Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat