ARYANET Sangamam 2007

Sunday 23 Dec 2007, Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini

Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini is in between the Archana Talkies and Vayilyamkunnu Temple bus stops. It is 50m from Vayilyamkunnu bus stop and 100m from the Archana Talkies side.

Meeting agenda

Ajith, Suseel
 0930Introducing Members
 1030aryanet: the concept, objectives, vision, mission
Kishore Gupta
 1040discussions on past, present & future of aryavaisya  
Dr. Subramanyan C
 1110Tea and Snacks
 1120new initiatives, ventures and entrepreneurship
Swaminatha, Ravi Gupta, Vipindas, Suresh CB
 1200positioning of aryanet to empower aryavaisya at large
Manoj, Dr. Sunil Narayan, Balasubramanyan
 1230Basic preventive medicine - from mother's womb to retirement period
Dr. Sunil Narayan
 1300LunchHaribhaskar, Suseel, Rajesh
 1430cultural activities by members
Suseel, Rajesh
 1600Close - tea
Rajan P and Viswan in charge of the event at large
  • Viswan in charge of Finances
  • Haribhaskar, Ajit Gupta and Ajit Vallor to take care of the pre-event logistics
  • Balasubramanyan, Vipin and Manoj to invite the local committee representatives as observers (AVS KTP, MSS Palghat, MGS Madras, BMS Bangalore)

 Members are expected to think along the following points:

  1. To prepare a vision plan for the immediate and long term activities.
  2. What should we do in the coming years?
  3. What are the ways we can give back to the community at large?
  4. To chart out the plans and ways to reach out to the community. Effective means of making this happen. Who all are can help in ealizing the same.

The aryayogam matrimony is becoming popular. Several registrations are available online now. Palliapath Ramachandrettan along with Vadakkepat Krishnankutty is planning to open a room in Thiruvazhiyode to extend the services of aryayogam to those who can not access internet easily. Ravindran Puliyath who has extended the matrimony software is whole heartedly supporting this move. Vipindas from Palghat will explore possibilities of extending a similar facility to the community pockets in Palghat town. Aryanet will continue to extend the [] web name and web-space.

Note: If members have any dietary constraints, inform us at the earliest. Non-vegetarian food is not allowed within Vadakkepat Ashtami-Rohini premises.