Aryanet UAE Sangamam – 27 Nov 2009

ARYANET Dubai Meeet 2009

Mamzar Park, Dubai :: 5.30 – 9.30 pm

A stepping stone which will lead all of us to greater heights in future. 23 members from Abudhabi, Dubai & other northern emirates attended the meeting.

Swaminathan welcomed the gathering where he explained the formation of aryavaisya Google group, the ARYANET Foundation trust, under the leadership of Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, Dr. C Subramanyan and other members.

Rajagopalan UP, the senior most member in UAE with 25+ years of experience in the region felicitated the gathering. Rajagopalan explained the need of togetherness and the benefits by citing his experience in life especially in the gulf region in 1980's without any social gatherings.

Members were introduced, initiated by C.S. Unnikrishnan, which was the most important and interesting part of the gathering which helped every one closers to each other. Many could recognize their relatives and natives by family names and location.

During the group discussion the following points were discussed.
  1. Swamnathan briefed about the functions of Aryayogam (exclusive matrimony website of our community) and passed the contact details of the main office. He also mentioned that the Aryanet Foundation has plans to work along social service in Education and Health care in its future activities.
  2. The members decided to extend scholarship for eligible students of the community and to help the needy members of the community through the ARYANET Foundation on behalf of UAE members.
  3. An organization was formed under the leadership of Rajagopal for coordinating and effective functioning of future activities and the following members were selected unanimously as office bearers for 2010:
    • President - U.P Rajagopal
    • General Secretary - Swaminathan
    • Treasurer - C.S. Unnikrishnan
    • Area Coordinators - Kishore (Abudhabi), Balu Prasad (Dubai & Northern emirates)
    • Event Coordinator - Shyam Prasanth AK
  4. Planned to organize 4 events in a year:-
    • Annual Get-together (Nov-Dec)
    • Family Picnic/ gathering (Jan-Mar)*
    • Family Picnic/ gathering (May-June)*
    • Onam Celebrations (Aug-Sep)
  5. A new emailing group will be created for the effective communication among the UAE members to coordinate future programs and to discuss local subjects.
Dinner served and at 9 pm the gathering dispersed, with an aim to meet by January end.