aryanet: networking arya yogam

The idea behind the aryanet portal is that it should evolve as a resource centre for anyone interested in the well being of the arya yogam community consisting of gupta, moothan, tharakan and mannadiyar, and catering to the needs of the community. Please feel free to create an account for yourself and post new articles, suggest links, join discussions and make use of the facilities provided. Then you can expect gradual changes to the site, while so be sure to visit the portal regularly.

arya yogam - originally from Palghat, Kerala, India

Namaste - welcome to ARYANET - the arya yogam community portal catering to the needs of the community (gupta, moothans, tharakans, mannadiyars. pathukudi) originally from Palakkad District, Kerala, India.

Legends narrate the plight of the community down south in the early 7th century AD. The community is spread across Palakkad district and has now settlements in Madras, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Bombay and Delhi. Our presence is felt across the globe right from USA, Europe, Gulf, Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The community boasts of a rich cultural heritage. After settling down in Palghat, the community adapted well to the locality while preserving its richer practices.

The core objectives of forming this group are to bring the community under one umbrella and to share information for the benefit of all. The arya yogam Google group is currently catering to the needs of the community. The community has a matrimony database aryayogam.

The community aims to develop the community / family trees. Members are requested to identify nodal points and key contacts to build up the trees. It is planned to seek support from the existing associations at Katampazhipuram, Palghat, Thiruvazhiyode, Bangalore and Madras.

The community realized the need to have a regular newsletter. The aryodayam newsletter is first of its kind from the aryavaisya group. Members are requested to contribute to aryodayam.

The aryavaisya portal and the google group network the community. The community has an online matrimony database aryayogam.