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Workshop on Ideas 4 Life Challenge, Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore

posted Aug 7, 2016, 11:57 PM by AIT Palakkad   [ updated Aug 9, 2016, 9:55 PM ]
A one day workshop on the topic “Ideas 4 Life Challenge” was held at Aryanet Institute of Technology, Palakkad on 16 July 2016 in connection with the International Conference on Frugal Innovation going to held here during December 2016. The session was handled by Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore. 
As an introduction, the general perspectives of Frugal Innovation were discussed. Frugal Innovation is nothing but ‘doing more with less resources.’ The main goal of Frugal Innovation is to get maximum output with minimum wastage. Many real time examples of ancient times were discussed, which shows the importance of Frugal Innovation. Frugal Innovation can be a product, processes, services, technologies or ideas which satisfy the condition of less wastage and usage of fewer resources. Reasons for many social issues and their possible solutions were discussed. 
Later in the afternoon session, the forum was open to the participants, divided in to different groups and asked to portray the innovative ideas and challenges faced by common man in their day to day life. Nearly 50+ students (both Higher Secondary and College level) and faculty members attended the workshop.