Symposium on Frugal Innovation - Prof. Maarten Cornelis, Delft University of Technology Netherlands

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A one day symposium was conducted for the final year students and higher secondary students on Frugal Innovation during December 19, 2016. Prof Prahlad Vadakkepat gave the introduction to Innovation and Frugality. Prof. Maarten Cornelis  from Delft University of Technology and  Mrs.Hendrina Neeltje  from Netherland delivered talk on  Waste Management. The preceeding session was handled by Mr. Ajay on the topic cooking oil waste management. The third sessions were handled by three school students of National University of Singapore High School. They have demonstrated the drones built by 3D printer. It was highly appreciated by the audiance. The last session was on the Use of Robotics in Civil Cosnstruction by Mr.Nipun from Cochin.

IEEE Technical Talk On Disruptive Technology Trends By Dr.Ganesh Iyer, Progress Software, Hyderabad

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The IEEE student branch of AIT Palakkad has been conducted a technical talk about “Disruptive Technology Trends” on 20 Aug 2016 Saturday.The session was handled by Dr.Ganesh Iyer (QA Architect, Progress Software, Hyderabad). The program had two sessions. 
First the speaker described about the higher studies options and importance in abroad. He conveyed a clear idea about how students can go for higher studies, what are the purposes of higher studies and its scope. Dr. Iyer gave a brief idea about the procedures for applying higher studies in abroad and also specified some universities like National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The speaker gave more idea and guidelines about how to prepare for interviews and placements. It was highly useful for the final year students. 
The second session mainly focused on the emerging technologies mostly based on IoT and Cloud computing. He added some videos related to the topic, it caught the students’ attention. The subtopics he covered were docker, native script and mobile revolution. Many students got rewarded for their active participation in the session. The sessions were very interactive and worth in all perspective. More than 35 students and some faculty members attended the program.

Workshop on Ideas 4 Life Challenge, Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore

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A one day workshop on the topic “Ideas 4 Life Challenge” was held at Aryanet Institute of Technology, Palakkad on 16 July 2016 in connection with the International Conference on Frugal Innovation going to held here during December 2016. The session was handled by Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore. 
As an introduction, the general perspectives of Frugal Innovation were discussed. Frugal Innovation is nothing but ‘doing more with less resources.’ The main goal of Frugal Innovation is to get maximum output with minimum wastage. Many real time examples of ancient times were discussed, which shows the importance of Frugal Innovation. Frugal Innovation can be a product, processes, services, technologies or ideas which satisfy the condition of less wastage and usage of fewer resources. Reasons for many social issues and their possible solutions were discussed. 
Later in the afternoon session, the forum was open to the participants, divided in to different groups and asked to portray the innovative ideas and challenges faced by common man in their day to day life. Nearly 50+ students (both Higher Secondary and College level) and faculty members attended the workshop.

Seminar on Startups and Innovation, Dr. Hemang Subramanian, FIU, USA

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A detailed talk on “Startups and Innovation “ has been arranged on 22 July 2016 afternoon session by Dr. Hemang Subramanian in seminar hall, AIT Palakkad. The subject was of high relevance in the event of startup projects being undertaken by the AIT Palakkad. The speaker touched upon all aspects of starting a startup, investors, viability; take over by established firms etc. with special stress on Indian conditions. Students and staff of the institution participated actively in the seminar along with the Chairman, Principal and Directors.
Dr. Hemang C. Subramanian works as Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics at the Florida International University (FIU) Business School, USA. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology Management from the Schaller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He is an engineering graduate in CSE from NIT (Suratkal), MS in Software Systems from BITS (Pilani) and Executive Management Certificate holder from IIM (Calcutta).

IEEE AIT Student Branch Inauguration - Prof. T Srinivas, IISc Bangalore

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The IEEE AIT Palakkad Student Branch (SB) inauguration ceremony was conducted on 11 March 2016. 
        The function was started with the prayer at 9.30 am in AIT Palakkad seminar hall. Girish N Iyer, the branch counselor of AIT-SB, delivered the welcome speech. The principal Dr.MR Vikraman delivered the presidential address and Dr.T Srinivas, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, did the inauguration. The felicitation was given by Mr. JishnuPrakash (Hub student representative,Malabar hub) and Ms. Sathi Krishnan (Technical coordinator Malabarhub). Mr. Dhillu Thambi,student chair of IEEE AIT- SB delivered the vote of thanks.
After the inaugural ceremony, Prof. T. Srinivas delivered a talk on “Photonic Integrated Circuits”. Prof.T.Srinivas obtained Masters degree and PHD from IISc Bangalore. He did his Postdoctoral Fellowship at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan. He is a senior member of IEEE Photonics Society, IEEE Communications Society and an executive committee member of IEEE Bangalore Section in-charge of chapter activities. After the talk he also conducted a discussion on IEEE awareness. 
In the later discussion, a separate discussion was done with IEEE student and staff members of AIT Palakkad with Prof.T.Srinivas. In that meeting he made suggestions to improve the student branch activities.  A meeting of IEEE members and Malabar hub representatives was also done for making AIT chapter an active one.

The Execom members of IEEE AIT – Student branch is as follows:
  1. Student Chair - Mr. Dhillu Thambi
  2. Vice Chair - Ms. Susmitha
  3. Secretary - Ms. Irene Mary Sajan
  4. Joint Secretaries - Ms. Maneesha P.M, Mr. Vinay 
  5. Treasurer - Mr. Abhijith Girin
  6. Web Master - Mr. Midhun P
  7. Branch Counselor - Mr. Girish N Iyer

Jain University National Seminar on Green Technologies And Climate Change, 05 Feb 2016

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National Seminar on Green Technologies and Climate Change was Jointly organized by Jain University and AIT Palakkad on 5 Februardy 2016.

Sustainable Future and Engineering  challenges. Prof. MR Pranesh, Visiting Professor, SET, JU, Bangalore.

Professor in Ocean Engg (Rtd) IIT Madras, Currently visiting professor, SET, JU  Bangalore & Technical  Adviser & Visiting faculty, ESCI, Hyderabd.  

Abstract: To transfer knowledge in the area of sustainability  or  green  technology, to brain storm the principles of green engineering, to be in a position to practice the concept in day-to-day life.

Urban Heat Island Effect, Dr. YR Nagaraja, Professor in Civil Engineering, SET, JU, Bangalore.

Abstract: Presence of heat Island in urban conglomerations causes problems on the environments and human health. Mitigation of urban heat island goes a long way in making the micro climate of urban areas more congenial. These aspects are discussed and possible mitigation measures are suggested.

Energy from Waste for Sustainable Future, Dr. Shashishankar A, M.E,  pH.D, FIE, FIV, FACcE, MICI, MISTE, MIWWA.

Pofessor and department head of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, JU.

Role of GIS in Mitigation of Climate, Mr. R Abhilash, Asst.Professor, Civil Engineering, SET, JU, Bangalore.

Abstract: Climate change due to increased Carbon di oxide foot print and SPM level has been responsible for global manmade disasters. GIS techniques will enable understanding the same in terms of development of pollution roses, signaling of the imperative disasters, global alarming systems by collating the complex data. Thus GIS becomes an important tool for various players engaged in disaster mitigation and management.

Career planning and guidance, Harish M, KFT Asia, Singapore

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Harish Methil

President of Kemin Food Technologies Asia
28 Dec 2015

Based out of Singapore, Harish manages the Asia Pacific region, including China and India. Kemin Food Technologies is a part of Kemin Industries, a global privately-held company that develops, manufactures and distributes specialty ingredients to the feed and food industries and the health, nutrition and beauty markets.

Harish joined Kemin in 1999 to oversee the building and management of a manufacturing plant in India.  He subsequently moved to Kemin Agrifood Asia, in Singapore, as Vice President Operations responsible for end-to-end supply chain of Agri-food business in the APAC region. He also held Commercial Director’s role in Kemin Food Technologies, before getting promoted to his current role, as the head of the business for ASIA.
Prior to joining Kemin, Harish was a project manager for the Murugappa Group.  He also managed a commercial construction company in Saudi Arabia and provided project management consulting for several industrial projects.

Harish has a Bachelor of Technology in Engineering from University of Calicut, India and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA.  He has also completed Executive Development Programs with Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, India and Harvard Business School in Boston, USA.

Be Proud to become a Mechanical Engineer, Sathian P, CAC, Singapore

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Sathian Pookkuttath

Sr. R&D / Lead Engineer, Continental Automotive Corporation, Singapore
28 Dec 2015

Abstract: There are always gaps between academics and industry. There is a need to bridge the same to make an engineer's transition process easier, i.e. from a student to an Engineering professional. A package of clear understanding about today’s industry and the potential roles of a Mechanical Engineer, will help students in this discipline distinct and be confident. This talk will provide an overview of a product development process, i.e. how and where a Mechanical Engineer will fit right from a product’s planning phase till its 'End of Life.'

Profile: Sathian Pookkuttath has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Govt Polytechnic, Palakkad and Post Diploma in Tool Design from NTTF Bangalore. He has received the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from University of South Australia and pursuing Master of Engineering (Mechanical) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Specializing Smart Product Design).

He is the Chief Editor to the ‘Ithalukal’ online Magazine in Singapore since 2012. He is active in the Singapore social cum welfare group namely 'Singapore Malayalees (MIS).' His literary work named 'Oru Mazhakkalathilooode’ (Literature) was published in 2013.

Introduction to Robot Operating System - Willson AA, NUS, Singapore

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Willson Amalraj Arokiasami
National University of Singapore

Full Day Workshop for Staff and Students
8 Jan 2016
  • Introduction to Ubuntu
  • Introduction to ROS
Robot Operating System
  • Understanding ROS Nodes
  • Understanding ROS Topics
  • Understanding ROS Services and Parameters
Developing ROS packages
  • Creating ROS Workspace
  • Creating and Building ROS Packages
  • Writing a Publisher
  • Writing a Subscriber
  • Running ROS nodes
  • Recording and Playing-back Data
Controlling Simulated Robots
Ground Robot Manual Control

Innovation in the Digital World, Dr. Hemang C Subramanian, FIU, USA

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Innovation in the Digital World

Dr. Hemang C Subramanian, Florida International University (FIU) Business School, USA
17 Jan 2016

Firms usually adopt two different forms of innovation - sustaining and disruptive. Disruptive innovation creates not only new products for launch, but sometimes replaces incumbents from markets. The process of disrupting existing product markets can be thought off as a highly scientific procedure, with firm culture being a key driver. In this talk, I will discuss innovation in the digital economy, starting from the invention of the Personal computer. I will delve into the various phases of innovation and how this is accomplished in the digital economy."
He is giving this talk, as a service to AIT.

Dr. Hemang C. Subramanian works as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics at the Florida International University (FIU) Business School, USA. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology Management from the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He holds a B.S in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT (Suratkal), MS in Software Systems from BITS ( Pilani) and Executive Management Certificate from IIM(Calcutta).

Dr. Hemang’s research interests include big data analytics, new technology adoption and internet economy. Dr. Hemang Subramanian has presented his work at various conferences, and is a reviewer at premier journals in information systems. His other interests include martial arts and yoga.

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