Part 1 : Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat on Asianet TV: Education, learning, research, robotics, AI, symbiotic co-existence, frugal innovation, society and values

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Placements @ AIT

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Design Thinking & 3D Printing Workshop

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Organized by
Ionic3DP Singapore and AIT IEEE Student branch
22 April 2017, AIT Palakkad

The workshop is conducted by Ionic3DP Singapore
Fee: Rs 500/-

Online registration

Key Takeaways
This workshop focuses on three important things,
- Do-It-Yourself Education (DIY) :: Hands-on experience in basic 3D modelling, printing & design thinking skills
- Global Connections :: Collaborate and learn first hand from instructors with global exposure.
- Imagination :: Given the opportunity to create without limits, what kind of world would kids create?

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Aiswarya AM, Univ. of Texas, Arlington, USA

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To my AIT family,

I am happy to inform you all that I received admission in University of Texas, Arlington – USA for MS program (Masters in Civil Engineering). I am writing this email to say “THANK YOU” to entire AIT staff. Past four years in AIT was the crucial time of my life. As an institution, AIT helped me to find my potential. I will always be grateful to my professors in AIT; the lectures from the experienced staff nurtured and motivated me to explore various fields in Civil Engineering. During my admission process for Master’s program, my AIT professors supported and guided me wholeheartedly. It was their encouraging words that gave me confidence to face many challenges during the complex admission process. In this competitive world, mere knowledge from books is insufficient. That’s where, I find my college special. In AIT we had the freedom and ecosystem of faculties which facilitate a great learning environment. Along with academics, we had opportunity to develop our extra-curricular talents as well, which immensely helped me to develop my leadership, management and communication skills. Once again “Thank You” AIT.
Aiswarya Acharath Mohanakrishnan (2012-16 Civil Engineering, AIT Palakkad), MS program in Civil Engineering, University of Texas, Arlington, USA

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