Views by Amrutha Gupta: Got a chance to visit AIT campus on my brother's admission. Lab facility, building as a new college is amazing. And what a mind-blowing scenery!! Actually students could do a photography course along with BTech, hats off to the basic team of site selection and all enthusiastic minds!

Views by Supriti G (Singapore - originally from Delhi): I had the opportunity to visit the AIT campus in December 2013. The beautiful mountains and lush greenery provide a picturesque view of nature. The wide airy corridors, ample natural light and large open spaces and facilities make way for a conducive environment for learning and development. I accompanied a few second year students and teachers on their trekking camp. The trip to the forest and Palakkad Kava was a peaceful getaway to experience Kerala’s beauty. My interactions with the teachers and students made the experience truly memorable for me. It was inspiring to witness the simplicity and dedication with which they carried out their tasks. The openness with which they welcomed me in their group was very heart warming.