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Aryanet Trust

Trust is a great force multiplier - Tom Ridge
  • Frugal Innovation / Gandhiyan Innovation is about creating simple, affordable, sustainable and quality solutions.
  • It is about: (1) Do more with less for more, (2) Achieving more with fewer resource, and, (3) Avoiding waste, in particular the expenditure of money or use material resources, without creating any hindrance to the development activities the world is always engaged in.
  • AIT Palakkad is a frugal initiative promoted by the ARYANET Trust.


The Aryanet Institute of Technology Palakkad (AIT Palakkad) is a frugal initiative promoted by the ARYANET Trust (Reg. No. 99 / 2010). ARYANET is a group consisting of Scientists, Academicians, Professionals, Businessmen, those in services and Self-reliant individuals. The trust has a vibrant 900 member base across 80 villages in Kerala (predominantly within the Palakkad district), over 12 Indian cities and 10 nations. The membership base has diverse backgrounds: (1) Auto-rickshaw drivers, cycle repair persons, farmers, teachers, businessmen, professionals (engineers, medical doctors, managers) and those in service; (2) from 21 to 77 year olds; (3) 4th standard to post-doctoral fellows. The trust's member base has representations from all walks of life especially from the bottom of the economic pyramid. A social entrepreneurial initiative, the AIT Palakkad reflects the aspirations of the region.

The idea is to empower the common man by sharing ownership of a social enterprise to a large cross section of the populace. By being part of such a venture, without their knowledge, the members learn on financial planning (cash flow), people management, professionalism and project management the way professionals do, to certain level / degree. The hope is that they will pick on more on the same in the years ahead and across generations.

AIT Palakkad is positioned as an institute with a difference, facilitating the process of learning (rather than teaching). Socially relevant projects are being taken up by AIT Palakkad. This includes projects related to social wellbeing, healthcare, local industry consultancy (avoiding over engineering solutions), and other relevant social issues.

ARYANET has a rich and diverse pool of talents and scholars. ARYANET is committed in utilizing the available talent pool for uplifting the society. The willingness of the members to give back to the society is very evident, which has inspired and channelized the thoughts towards starting an educational institution.

ARYANET LOOKS BEYOND THE PRESENT TIMES: ARYANET aims to empower the society at large by a focused approach by imparting knowledge and information.  ARYANET is well positioned with several well placed members spearheading to bring about changes across the locality with long term goals and objectives.

  • Network the community, tapping the talents and resource pools available within for the benefit and betterment of everyone.
  • Extend educational, career and financial guidance to the needy.
  • Prepare the community to live with the challenges associated with the ever changing complex living spaces around.
  • Benefit from the growth and progress that India currently enjoys, and to form a fine group of individuals who can lead and excel. 
  • Take the community to such heights assisting it to evolve as a role model for others.