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Any place that anyone can learn something useful from someone with experience is an educational institution - Al Capp

AIT Palakkad is positioned not just for imparting education alone but for catering to the various aspects of building a healthy society through mentoring students, teachers and parents, connecting with industries and other technical societies and bodies, and establishing an effective placement cell. There will be efforts to conduct national and international seminars, technical events, exhibitions and paper presentations in order to provide maximum exposure for the students and faculty.

Engineering Courses
  1. Civil Engineering (CE)
  2. Computer Science and Engineering (CS)
  3. Electrical and Electronics Engienering (EE)
  4. Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (ME)
AIT Palakkad will be "AN INSTITUTE WITH A DIFFERENCE" and positioned along to work towards:
  1. Quality education, research and professional activities,
  2. Empowering teachers and students along teaching, learning and research,
  3. State of the art laboratory spaces!
  4. In-house development of teaching tools,
  5. Subscriptions to national & international digital libraries,
  6. Enhancing suitability of employment of students,
  7. Mentoring of staff along career advancement,
  8. Encouraging staff initiated research projects,
  9. Industrial collaboration and projects,
  10. Encouraging entrepreneurship,
  11. Promoting an industrial neighborhood,
  12. Offering Post Graduate & Research (PhD) Programs (in due course of time),
  13. Financial assistance and scholarships to the needy, and,
  14. As a catalyst in the development of the society.
Academic philosophy - creating a rich environment for teaching, learning and research.

The aim is to create and evolve an “institute with a difference” in the field of technology and research through innovation, by creating required modern infrastructure and competent faculties thus becoming a part of the growth of society and the nation at large.

The vision is to make the institute as an abode of global education where international level of quality training is imparted and, technocrats are equipped with the latest in technologies to take up the challenges of the technologically advancing world.