My Poems


I  thought only  fire could burn, until I saw you

You are the fire which burns yourself to show light

I hold on to life, even after so many trails

I feel like a bird, full of choice

But until I saw the cages which take them away

I have seen fences, but the one which divides all is money

I have seen leaders, who guide,

Until I saw you, who gave yourself for others

You are my stimulation

I continue to close my eyes to reality

You showed me the light,

You told me to focus

To do what am supposed to

But you never told me where to

I can see everything falling, you told me to change the way I see

If what I see the way I see, is attitude

The pain, misery are all just an attitude

If I recognize them you tell me I am a pessimist,

If I don’t you call me blind

I feel like an island in my own home,

May be I should stop calling my office my home

Cause I am orphaned by lack of direction

Not art

Not every bird which flies above my head is a missile

If touch is everything then how do I touch a leper 

The power which is supposed to nurture has turned its fury on me

If I am humanity, and the power is nature,

Then where is my mom, where is god??

Are you??

Are you both??




Arvind Leo Pereira










Are you, who?


The monster that lay quiet

In the dark like an owl

I let him wander in the twilight

But he got me at dawn in sprit

He got me when I was young

He made me pay

Pay to wash

Beatify through my blood

I am still

Still in the court

My conscious  I have to answer


 My friends lay awake in the dark

Where I have decided


Do they stay

And I go

Destiny awaits another slayer like that prowler

Which vested me

The night’s leopard attacks again

He soars like a cloud

Colonizes every heart

Drinks them up, till they are dry,

Parasites sprout on dead beings

I haven’t seen any

This fungi is my breadth

What have I done

A king without a kingdom,

The rat race without cheese,

Who has moved them

Who has moved in

This virus is me!!!

I have to end the virus that set the fall of my race

I have to leave,

But who are those

Whose are those

It must be a dream of a poet

A sign in desperation

In search of hope

Are you??



Arvind Leo Pereira




This road has no end

This world has no end

Adventure has no end

Beauty and art has no end

My work at office has no end

Happiness has no end

The well that fed thousand odd

The river that floweth high

Has no end

The space above

Has no end

Knowledge has no end, Arvind ‘s Pjs have no end

Then why does life have an end


Have you seen, in the face of death

Have you seen close enough

It comes looking for you every day

What you call day, I recall at every moment


A man said there is a rainbow after every rain

Which happens to be the meeting of inspiration

An idea called life, through the mouth of wisdom called water

It is something I’ve seen worth confrontation

Through the fire storm, do birds arise

They dance in air

But where do they go when it rains

It flies through the night sky

It takes an owl, a second, it took me a day



If space is everything I wanted,

If riches were everything I wished for,

Then a hog like me is a villain,

Then why does this world pay me respect

I guess the money does the talking

Heroism is not what you accumulate, it is what you disperse

Credit is when you carry love for others

To live when someone is crying

It is in sharing I found most peace

Yet I do not share

My ideas are mine

They will last to fed only my community

With knives have I written the end of this day

So have you done the good deed for the day                                                                                                                            Arvind Leo Pereira                                                                       




Beyond the wall

In the ………

In that face, I see a hunger,

I don’t for what it is

I did see something

 I saw ……


Deceit and jealously

I see a dragon emerging

Emerging out of anger and ambition

I dip it in sprit and legitimize it

They tell me stories of suffering and oppression

I see missed directions

I see a desperate attempt

I see how close death was

I see thought flying like birds, these things you lose

You never find

Like lost childhood

I see blood bath for freedom

For success and security


For now

I ask myself why he made your face so colorful

Like the colors in the rainbow

What made him chose this combi?

Does it make you happy?

Does anybody care?

The colors are running in tides

Its growing out of its frame

It’s a long vase with no flowers

The Lamp needs no oil, but still is dark

We’ll meet when the time is right

The two faces of the coin

The root of all time

When all undone jobs are thrown

For a chance will it shine

When we wait for the rain

The rain of love to wash away the lust of gold

Poverty will mean in all dimensions, the thirst of a lonely heart

The shoes I am in, they are too big for me

The eyes of responsibility

Excel upon my countenance

I can’t remember the line

I think its not mine

The guy in the back stage has no eyes

He switches………………………………

My acquaintance is of grief

In her lap do I sleep

She is time

And her smile is worth a face

My poem wants to be complete

But its never

The paint floweth

The brush is still wet

How do I paint the water of the ocean

How do I colour the tides

I can’t find the comb to clear the knots of my hair

How do I picture this confusion and search for solutions

The cat lies in wait

I wait for my impetus

To pounce on the reader

I hide in the fog

I try to fill this broken pot

Those drooping shoulders are in search of a goal

They are defeated by themselves

In a hunt for their happiness they lost their soul

We will never know why Adam chose the apple

So plain so emotion less

Like a desert without rain

A lost verdant

A lost dream

Yes not all dreams realize

Yes I am biased

The sun taking a toll on the dew

Hopes vanish in compromise

All flowers wither

Why do you light the vase with dying flowers

Why do train your son to be a killer machine

Terror is not the stage

The boy at the back stage doesn’t have eyes

 Why flowers fade?

Why has the turtle trapped itself into its cage?

Rain on 

When I see this illusionary castle

He told me its future

This castle is just a way of life

When I see it

I sense a pain in his back

It lies beyond the wall

----------------------------Arvind Leo Pereira




Ignorance the flower


Let the week survive

Tomorrow is theirs

Everyday men pass away

We sacrifice ourselves to this fury

No two swords fit in one case

I can’t clam myself

As my blood gushes down my spine

I pray for the one who lives

Would lead a promising life

For a believer, and who don’t

Lets hope

A deafening silence I hear

I can hear their heart race

Consumed into a black hole of themselves

Their records deleted

No wine tastes bitter than knowing you do not exist

You never sneak into a suicide bomber’s shoes

Its last pleasure

I will not watch a record

Written in ink for which I gave my blood

Rescue oh god my people

From this heat

Give them a smile everlasting to lead

And save from myself

A suicide note from me, in advance for the disaster to come

Will this be

Ask yourself

Why you created me

An alergie to milk, would it describe life

Or would it have had me

So why wait for this to go free

No comment awaited to flea

From thou tear I can see

Read a narrow stream

It has a direction of a beam

I hope to roam free

This despair is killing me

The dejection awaits a fallen tree

To thrill drug spree

Get in the curve of oscillation

The curse springs will spin abundant colors

Life will shine a new name on every leaf

New green will conquer dead brown

The battle will dawn forth

Dynasties have seen raise and fall

Struggle for my nations people will raise all their men above

Especially when directed from above

Mankind will no more sleep with the queen of darkness

A deal will cost itself

I killed myself to defeat my weakness & will serve as

A graph without answers

Dipped in sprit called martini

Burns life not cruelty

Avoids creativity,

Burns novelty

All humanity let go far

The lust for nobility

I cheat myself

From what I will be

I know the skies will welcome her son

My definition is null

If money is happiness

Then wine shall be all man’s lie

The Medal of Honor among needles

The sword will slice the personality never

I will rein

Blossom the ignorance flower

----------------------------------- Arvind leo pereira



I try to read between the lines of life

I try it with the lines of palm

I try it with the lines on your forehead

They tell me chronicles

Of strain

Few mindless

Few for money and land

Few for ego and interest

They have worn you out

These uncertainties have torn me too

But still I carry on

You call it foolishness

But it’s a pleasure of an entire nation

I still go on

Man you have turned into a virus

You look down upon yourself

Isn’t any other class better than you

You often forget to share this world with others

I have no postulate to explain your behavior

I have to no animosity towards you

There is a frame but no picture

You are a house without people

You are a muscle without a heart

You are a program without any emotion

You are laziness personified.

It’ll take me nine lives and more to understand you.

The way you manipulate yourself

The way you complicated your livelihood

You play with your bread

Is this a brood which loves itself.

I will never know

---------------Arvind Leo Pereira




Disconnected lines and a unwanted life


It is not of my knowledge of this curse

Bestowed upon me by the great stars of the sky

What lies in my fate is no fortune

My stomach though full, am still hungry

My soul starves

Starving for death

Desperate I look at myself

I pray for the demon to consume me

But for no return

Am an abandoned wreck




Paint oh composer

I need a rainbow

The symbol of all hope

But for no avail 

Deaf don’t renew

I try to refind myself though I am redefined

No rediscovery willth help the lazy

An emperor of justice will rein over Adam before his existence

Greed will not override him

Bent upon his creator’s mistakes, this time he will give no choice but of knowledge

It all starts where it has to end

All is known but not fair

I have lost all love for wealth women and wine

I’ve lost the lust for notoriety glory and fame

I’ve lost the purpose of life

Even a snake knows which rodent to bolt so as to save crops

I know not what reason brings me here

The thirsty seek water I seek the thirst

The banks on which knowledge devoir

Wilt old leaves and death stands intractable

There existed a beast in me

A snake which died dreaming

Of the riches which lie unconquered in far-flung seas

Son precedes the father, unknown evil or a tree with no ends

Envisage of an unknown earth, will breathe no fire its only human

He will roar louder than the seas

Canning geographies will storm on this race

It’s a psychic’s game I play the narrator and the lead

The orchestra is complete

The global village will see the warlord turn emperor

Conflict is an Oven which seizes all creative diversity and conducts a controlled operation.

He searches for time, numbers, position and name

Syntaxes, colours and hieroglyphics are fogging my vision

A video of word war when time will walk with her son

The sunset stroll is a costly one

Competition is sovereign and these verses must not be read

Seeds have sprout the time has come

I match a mismatch, fixing is no game

It is a late afternoon when I wrote this letter to an unknown reader

My will is like confused swill

Cleansing us of sins and of games I played with my shadow and its reflections

Stars struggle to comprehend this trick I illuminate with

On all occasions I predict the advances of power and withdrawn sounds

With the divine madness I use the skill to kill

I do not assure this unexpected visit I offer to his subjects

Their leader is a killer,

We picked the wrong man, so laugh at the romanticism

I use the mind of the reader as he reads

His mind I haunt to live for ever

Spreading like virus bringing revelations

Mobs will wrestle over the truth

I will lie in the darkest hour

This my friends is the answer to death

Poverty and sadness, my influence on an animation

No measures no pleasures, is a paradox, it’s the mind misleading them

Techies undo guard, coding reality chasing species to impudency

Taking all bounty, everything was made for us to realize

The natural title jumps transmutation

Being horrific manipulations like today

Native soil speak

Pheasants rebel and revolt his efficacy and prophecy

Souls using intermidiataries to cross over interfaces

To ancient cities to past lives to the warriors in the making

War against themselves to discipline

Ramparts myself from this materialistic influencing humanity

Involving astros as kings fail to protect their people

Fleeing hard work I sail to outer centuries

A plain theory that republics will be governed by people

A promise made by time

That kings will fall for wealth

They would diminish with conspires

Though prophecies would take in charge

We decide nothing, only swords do

Foreign languages will be ours

The seventh month will bear a child

His name will be destiny

He would be called an eagle in the city of water

He will lay wait in water and in sky

On land his men will march a strategic placement

His reign will last as planets move and as light darkens

He will name my fashion and my belief

With knives of tension he will drip and drill

The royal governor deceives his rule

These flowers are empty, no nectar found in them

I don’t see why the split wine is not cleaned

The broken chalice not replaced

Horses bleed as they run

Parasites lighten up their untiring sprits

Women have you given birth to the son with blood in his hand

The wait for spring seems forever

Rebels will not pickle his remains

Discrimination on pedestals like food

You will lose all faith

The curse is on

The curse is me

-------------------------Arvind Leo Pereira









Regret that I could not figure out where the port ends and the sea starts

Regret that I couldn’t date it

Regret I only reckoned about it

I feared loneliness only to land up in more misery

My cycle ends here

I found gold in liquids

Riches in forest

Life on a canvas

I was a changed man

What seems to balance this system

My cedar pole is like a feather

Moving at the whims of influence

Festivity ends and all go home happy

Another good ending is all we desire in an idyllic globe

Bounces of feat

I’ve turned into a captive of media

An island an addict a prisoner by choice

Longing to invade your privacy

To take away your insecurities

No trees will sway when I storm your castles

No prophecy will warn you as I am

The line drawn by stones

Am the great wall between brothers

Temples will be torn down by my men

The virgin will be a rumour

Your ambassadors will tremble to haunt me

Birds will roam free no more

Beasts eliminate from the east

Asia is my coldest instrument

Burnt in the fire of abuses

Cancer barfes all curses from the preceding letter

Ancient lions will fall to death

Peace drizzles over the plains

Monarch’s boat capsizes as a thunder in the laughing sky is heard 

Loss of thought, what a gift

What a piece of art.

God is great

-------------------------Arvind Leo Pereira



Do two wrongs make a right

Can I make more mistakes to cover up the past

Can I even go to the past

If one murder can give me a death sentence

Does it make any difference if I kill ten

Can they hang me more than once

My soul still lingers around

If only I could unmake all those days and return quickly

It is my life I would alter

I promise to not upshot any

Not a stone turned

Am a ship with no marines compass

No captain to lead

No CPU for my system

A Soccer match with no goal posts

Coin with no head

Man with no woman to make me complete

Calf with no Sheppard

Water without life

Spice with no taste

--------------------Arvind Leo Pereira



Lion lion fading away

Give me your smile

In your majestic way


Lions are forever

A legacy a wave

An undying sprit

A noble cause

Multified by divinity and brawn

Humbly a say, the hand which nursed you has become your elimination device

An old king’s den sealed for tomb’s and coffins

Museums and show rooms

It’s now the new king’s priced processions

Now shared and quantified


Lose myself to the old king

Shying away in the shadows

You’ll know only when u meets his might

No post card can light

What city dwellers will they understand?

The fear of walking in the midst of magic

The romance of power and murder

A life is worth losing to save such a monarch

I cannot use words to describe him

It’ll short calculate his force

Our eyes met in a mist full jungle

My heart lit up with happiness

The rare clout filled the forest with freshness

It is an intoxication I strive for

The spring for the enlightened

-----------Arvind Leo Pereira





Take to the arsenal

Burn thy ego

Use the blaze to ignite the lamp

Burn the holy verse which says inferno is ammunition

The sun’s sin is that he dries our wells with light

The light which fed the child

Light my sprit

This is dusk

And the time is complete

I thought only fire could burn, until I saw you

You are the fire which burns yourself to show light

I hold on to life, even after so many trails

I feel like a bird, full of choice

But until I saw the cages which take them away

I have seen fences, but the one which divides all is money

I have seen leaders, who guide,

Until I saw you, you burn up for others

I am a WMD

I destroy prejudice & hatred

Cause glare has no end as passion burns souls

Two wrongs can’t be one right

Two swords can’t fit in one case

Burnt down can’t be restored

I try to read between the lines of life

I try to disconnect these lives

This art is without direction

A man without his fire is a man without soul

---------------Arvind Leo Pereira



Leave the reformers among wolves

Work is a distant dream now

I Dream to work

I Don’t look back

Those are not raining

They are the youth

I go in circles marveling at my fate

Living in laziness

Am high on pleasures of life

The deed will be accomplished when the day has set and the night has begun

The ridges tell me its a long life


Yes as always, there is no end & there would'nt be any

when I set my sight on you

it’ll be dawn and dusk

dawn for destruction

and dusk for civilization

men will find themselves on the threshold of the list

dinos and men alike

will rush

where cockroaches fear  to tread
___Mr. Arvind Leo Pereira.

In search of


In search of answers I wander about on the beach of time

I hear the waves, but listen no answers

I search for the truth

Search for a companion

Search for god

In search of the light

Am pathless and directionless

Without a plan I search for inner beauty

With a thirst I look for peace

So much noise in my head

I search for happiness and contentment


I gauge myself with material measures 

And try explaining to the people of this world

Who seldom understand

I search for those answers my gut took


I search for music

I search for a thrill

I seldom want fame and fail to appease myself

I feel helpless, the way I am built and made of myself

I am scared of carrying my cross

I blame the blind for leading me


I look for answers outside me

Am not complete am not solitary

I fear their eyes

I fear everyone’s eyes, am answerable to them

I failed

I search for time

I search for solutions

I search for problems


I know the answer but refuse to understand it

I am permanent but want to fade  


I am he, who lost his consciousness

I am he, whom you can’t do without

I am he, whom you love to meet and not take home


I seldom understand time and respect none

I search myself

I am Arvind


(My latest poem 18th of March 2009)