Who am I

About my tastes & hobbies,

Am an extrovert man, who believes that I have an element of leadership in me, an optimistic person, flexible & broad minded.

I watch English movies on TV, not really a movie goer actually, Ienjoy indipop music. generally watch discovery, NGC (Nat Geo), history channel, BBC(British Broadcasting corp), Star World, Zee Café etc...as long as it is funny. Am a nature and art lover. Love dancing (free style), eating, swimming (I seldom do this nowadays) have sense of humor, like every poet i get philosophical. Used to be a Numismatist during my childhood. I hate video games (includes mobile phone games, TV and computer games).

My love towards nature is to see and preserve, don't ask me to water your plants or help in re-potting, i will defiantly appreciate your gardens and pee in them if possible but no manual labor for me, thanks. The latest hobby is surfing channels on TV, watching re-runs and changing channels during ad breaks.

I don't smoke, My Favorite cuisine is Andra food, Chicken Biriyanni with lime soda (make that sweet & salt), with fish fry Mangalore style...

I can cook, prefer the chapatti’s (flat pizza like thing made of wheat - like Khabus just a little smaller, flatter and some oil in them) nowadays.

Any sabji (steamed vegetable concoction) would go with this, i cook only Mangalorean style. coconut powder in everything except coffee.. he he ...

I love history- cultural history, political, religious, linguist, prehistoric...here are a couple of links on Languages and culture
My family tree is in this link, we are Chokkodi Pereiras

My Interest areas are ERPs such as SAP in theFICO module. I Currently work in that area. 

I have an interest towards philanthropy more information on the same can be found on this link


This is an NGO which my friend Rijo and myself have started that fights for the rights of naturally born eunuchs and which opposes abortions.  


My name gets mis-splet quite often as Aravind, Arivind, Arvinth, Aurovind and Aurobind. Well you know the correct spelling.