A couple of Photographs of hindu temples, mosques, paintings, churches and more

I have dedicated links to all forms of art, my outlook has been secular, I have great appreciation towards temples, mosques or any other form of art work.


Temples of various regions at various times are a snap shot of art prevalent in those eras, I have great respect for the people involved in the art work.


Forms of art I take interest in are stone carvings, clay modeling, wooden sculpture, paintings on canvas.


Even at my home, my walls are filled with stain glass paintings, photography of nature and framed paintings on paper and metal.


Art work made out of moulds too fill the ambiance of my home, my home is an example of the involvement I have with art forms,


I have paintings right from abstract art, modern art, faces, to nature.


When I describe myself, other than my extrovert disposition and my optimistic nature, the next two things I talk about is that am an art and nature lover.


I have visited the Singapore national museum and I did it on my own, the reason being, I take my own time reading each and everything, analyzing them, listening to the entire audio file,  


I have been to the Peranakan museum and the Changi Chapel museum, each time I would repeat my habits, whether India, Dubai or anywhere else, a regular person would sift through the pictures, idols, audios if any within no time.


If a regular person took about one & half hour to  finish the course, I would take the entire day.


I took one full day to finish just the food, art and history sections of the National museum, in which I did not cover the basement due to time constraints.


The regular complaint people have about me is that I take way too much time on these aspects to observing and studying these artifacts, nowadays I issue a warning, that it is best am left alone while doing these trips.


I carry food & water, step out, finish my meal and go back, I used to take down notes too. In India, the state of Kerala, Wayanad district, there are Eddakal caves, photography is not allowed in such places. I went to the extent of replicating these.


I was happy to see the images on the web, it was on a person’s blog, I wrote my comments about these bronze age hieroglyphics, calligraphy and art.


As a linguist I tried my attempt of deciphering the script called Tamil-Bramhi and the script that was seen on the Singapore stone.  


My take on what is written on the Singapore stone is that, the language might be related to ancient Khmer script, Lao script, Burmese script, Karen language script.


I have a collection of paintings and running short of walls at home. I spend hours together watching the Incas, Mayas & Egyptian temples on National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery and BBC.


Even as I go for trekking I stop and admire the wealth of culture we have.

Even as I go for trekking I stop and admire the wealth of culture we have. 



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