About Our Program

    The Arvida Middle School Orchestra Program is the largest String Orchestra Program in Miami-Dade Public and Private Schools.  The four orchestra classes consist of two Beginner, one Intermediate and Advanced Level.  Students meet every day and attend various events throughout the year, regardless of level.  Groups attend field trips to the Symphony, Opera, District Assessments, National Assessments, Community Service Performances and Theme Parks.

    In addition, Arvida offers Piano Midi Lab classes that focus on learning how to play the piano and Music Theory for all levels.  Learning how to play the piano enhances playing a string instrument as well.

    Students who do not have playing experience get to choose what instrument they would like to play. The instruments taught are the Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Piano.  If you would like to audition for the higher level classes, auditions are in May of every year. Audition Requirements are also on this site.