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ARVEL ListServ

ARVEL list is a moderated email forum open to the public and dedicated to the professional discussion of educational research in virtual learning environments - whether video games, virtual worlds, augmented reality or other types of virtual "mlearning" experiences. A highlighted purpose of the ARVEL list forum is for cultivating discussion, collaboration and debate over research-related dimensions for including in this ARVEL wiki, an ARVEL-member shaped and supported knowledge base of virtual learning research frameworks, methods, practices, issues in need of development or clarification, and collective research agendas.

So, the listserv is open to the public - while the wiki is reserved for ARVEL members only.

The list is intended to complement and support the American Educational Research Association's special interest group on virtual learning environments called ARVEL  - the Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning SIG. As such, this list will be used to communicate about official ARVEL activities taking place at AERA annual meetings and other ARVEL events: SIG organized tours of virtual learning opportunities, research presentations and discussions taking place in virtual spaces, special events, and other opportunities.

Related discussion - that of virtual learning research, development, assessment, publication, and event production are all welcome and considered integral to the health of the ARVEL community. Please join us in developing the evidence base around developing, teaching, and learning in virtual learning environments:

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