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Arun Kumar A
SKA DOME Postdoctoral Researcher
RATT Group
Square Kilometer Array
Capetown, South Africa

I am a DOME Postdoctoral researcher  at the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) in Capetown.  I work with Prof. Oleg Smirnov , HEAD of the Radio Astronomy  Techniques and Technology (RATT) group of Rhodes University. My area of research is Machine learning techniques for radio data processing, calibration and imaging. 

Previously I was a Postdoctoral researcher working at the Cosmology department of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Capetown. I worked with Prof. Bruce Basset to develop Machine learning algorithms for different Astronomical and Cosmological problems. My  research was  developing Deep learning methods for detection and removal of RFI from Radio Interferometric data  for  the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) in Capetown.

I did my PhD in Machine learning and Signal Processing under the guidance of Prof. Ninan Sajeeth Philip
at St. Thomas College Kozhencherry, Kerala, India. During my PhD, I worked in collaboration with Ashish Mahabal, Ciro Donalek & Matthew J Graham  at CaltechProf. Vincent J Samar  at  Rochester Institute of Technology  and Prof. Sidney J Segalowitz  at  Brock University.

Besides my PhD work, I was also involved in various other research projects in different fields such as  Astrophysics, Climate studies and Biophysical modeling. I am a team member from the Indian side of an Indo-US Joint Center for Astronomical Object Characterization and Classification, which is a collaborative project funded by IUSSTF,  with California Institute of TechnologyHarvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics  and IUCAA  as the major partner institutes.

Before joining as a PhD scholar, I was a Research Fellow in an ISRO Respond Project at the Department of Physics, St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry, Kerala. I was responsible for the administration and maintenance of a high performance computing facility  for Astronomy research.