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"the ability to see the machine as more than when you were first led up to it, that you can make it more''
 - Alan J. Perlis

 This page is no longer maintained. My official web page:

  • Taking the debugging workshop (along with Debarshi Dutta) at our ACM Student Chapter. My term as Webmaster ended in 2013.
debugging workshop at the ACM Student Chapter

Unfinished - oil on canvas

Hello and welcome to my personal homepage.

 I enjoy computer science, writing, coding, movies and coffee. Not necessarily in that order.
 A few things that I have messed around with include short fiction, debating, amateur theater, painting, undergraduate research  and other (equally disparate) stuff.

      In the News:
  • And the JU debate made it to the Telegraph editorial! :D
             VoxPop2013 debate