Pop access for GMail and other mail services

Configure your GMail account in the mail client of your choice with ease

In this section I'll try make things easier for those people who have difficulty configuring their GMail accounts in OE and mail clients. Here I would like to mention that I am using mozilla thunderbird for pop access. It is a wonderful program which lets you handle your mails, rss and news groups all in a single place. It is worth mentioning here that the latest version of thunderbird gives you an option to automatically configure your GMail account without going into too many details. While adding a new account it now gives you 4 options including one for configuring your GMail account. So one doesn't need to have too much technical knowledge about the specifics of GMail settings.

A word about the program: The only notable difference from OE and ms outlook is that instead of using the tab key for moving between the various panes, one has to use the f6 key. Thunderbird can be downloaded from Mozilla home page 

For OE and MS outlook Google team has developed an autoconfiguration tool. Click on GMail autoconfiguration tool to download this utility. Run the exe file, define which program you want to use and provide your user name and password.   It is as simple as that! Google has also intoduced another unique feature for its mail service. You can also access your GMail account through RSS using any standard feed reader. However, My prefered reader is deepnet explorer which combines Browser and rss reader into one. It can be downloaded from deepnet explorer home page 

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