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Say Salaam to the world of open source

oiioiPeople have become so used to MS products that they hardly ever explore the possibility of using the free and open source applications. PortableApps has done a commendable work by developing some of these major utilities in to nice small portable package. I recently downloaded the PortableApps standard, which is about 89 mb in size and includes softwares to meet most of your needs.

I have also started playing with open office accessibility. The findings are as follows:

Jaws was able to provide accessibility in open writer which is a substitute for MS word. In Calc which is for spreadsheets, jaws could not speak anything without first defining frames and their reading functions. However, this was not very difficult to achieve. In order to download these jaws script files plese see the jaws scripts page.

As far as windoweyes is concerned, it did not speak anything even in writer at first. However, I used the ctrl+insert+c key for the carat and it did the trick. Windoweyes also started reading everything. I defined some user and hyperactive windows in order to work with the spreadsheets. The best thing about the open is that it can be run in the portable form without the need to install it on your system. I would therefore request you to give it a try. For windoweyes set files please see the jaws scripts page.

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The jaws scripts page