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I have made jaws scripts for google talk, yahoo messenger 8 and ventrilo. You can download and use these scripts without limitation. However, Please don't recompile the scripts and actually there is no need to do so. Simply choose the right version of scripts and they will immediately start working. place the unzipped files in to the enu folder by going to start menu/programs/jaws*/explore jaws/explore my settings. The news is that these scripts are working well with jaws 8 also and seem to be more stable now. that Please note that the use of key strokes like alt+1 and so on in quick succession may result in the system instability, causing the system to freeze sometimes. Most of the people have not reported such occurrences. Some computers including my own does give such unexpected results once in a while.


Google Talk can be downloaded from www.talk.google.com It's a wonderful program offering some unique features apart from voice chatting. Google talk scripts for jaws 6

Google talk scripts for jaws 7 and above

Yahoo messenger 8 needs no introduction. the latest version offers much better voice quality. You can download the program from http://messenger.yahoo.com. Yahoo messenger 8 scripts for jaws 6

Yahoo messenger 8 scripts for jaws 7 and above

Ventrilo offers an exellent platform for hosting conferences and chats. Go to www.ventrilo.com. Ventrilo scripts for jaws 6

Ventrilo scripts for jaws 7 and above

updated march 12, 2007. 

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