Arun D Ahluwalia, Professor of Geology

Arun D Ahluwalia, PhD, F.G.S. Member US NC IYPE

PROFESSOR, Centre of Advanced Study in Geology, Panjab University, Chandigarh 160014, India (+91172-2722973-R; +911722534236-O; +919815612973)

Sabbatical address:  Visiting Scholar, Geology Dept, University of Cincinnati, Ohio;


Residence: 8363 Windy Harbor Way, West Chester, OH 45069

Phone:  513 699 5832 ®; 513 675 7003 (M)

Qualifications: M.Sc.Hons School (1970); Ph.D. (1981)   Panjab University, Chandigarh.  Topic: Rock Phosphate deposits of Tal Formation, Mussoorie Lesser Himalaya, India.


  • Professional Experiences: 1970-72 CSIR Research Fellow;
  • 1972-82 Geologist, Geological Survey of India-geological mapping assignments covering total 3500 sq km area on 1:50,000 scale in Deccan Volcanics, Hyderabad Granites, dyke swarms, quartz reefs(1973); East  coast Granites and gneisses, Nepheline Syenites, Ultramafic complexes, Podili, Uppalapadu, Chimakurti etc, Ongole Distt Andhra Pradesh (1973-75); Riphean Carbonate cement grade limestone, Satluj Valley ( 1975-76); Phanerozoic sequences, Lahul-Spiti basin between Shinkhun La –Bara Lacha La-Kunzam La, Takling La,Parang La and Rohtang-Wangtu gneissic basement as well as Cambrian intrusive granites (1977-81); Chitinozoan studies Paleontology Division, Geological Survey of India, Lucknow (1981-82);
  • Faculty Member, Geology, Panjab University, 1982 onwards; Professor from 2002- teaching & research: Himalayan Geology, Global Stratigraphy, Paleontology ( Post Doc in Geologisches Institut, ETH, Zurich as guest of Professor A. Gansser and Professor Hans M Bolli-1983-84); Guest of Prof. Jac Lucas & Liliane Prevot, Strassbourg, France; Prof Erik Flugel, Erlangen, Germany, in 1984.
  • March 2003. Convener Geosciences Awareness Programme of Geological Society of India;
  • Sabbatical from mid September, 2006 for: i. book on GEOTOURISM, ii. interactions with friends and colleagues in University of Cincinnati and other academics in USA in the fields of Geosciences, Ethics and Philosophy of  Science across USA especially Fellows of  IASTS meeting at Baltimore in February, 2007; iii.Visiting Natural History Museums and interacting with mixed academic communities (students & teachers) in schools, colleges and universities and society at grassroots in USA, Canada, Europe and across India to boost IYPE adopted by UNO & IUGS.







High resolution sequence stratigraphy across Neoproterozoic- Early Cambrian sequences of Krol Belt and Spiti basin; discovery of earliest burrows from Lower Tal; Obruchevella, sponges, acritarchs, multicellular algae from the overlying Tal phosphorite chert, and bilobate burrows from Middle Tal; establishing an event of volcanicity preceding Pc-C boundary; resolution of Tal riddle; innovation of Phosphorite Microfacies Classification coupled with a genetic model of deposition environment;

·         Correction of Himalayan stratigraphic data base & upholding of scientific ethics;

·         Geoethics in Asian Tsunami and Tibetan Flash floods/Environmental Ethics;

·         Innovations in Geosciences-Society interface through popular media articles and overall geological education as a part of IYPE (International Year of Planet Earth 2008) proclaimed by UNO & taken up by IUGS all over world.


FIELD WORK COLLABORATIONS: As part of IGCP/IPA/IPC/INQUA programmes in Nepal, Pakistan, UK, Southern Alps of Italy & Switzerland, Weissenschtein (Juras) in Switzerland, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Australia (SE & NE offshore) including Heron Island Great Barrier Reef, Kentucky Ordovician with Prof. Clifton Barret , University of Cincinnati. In 2000 summers Krol-Tal Belt under NSF (USA) & DST ( India ) projects with Nigel Hughes & Paul Myrow; in June-July 2003, September,2004, a joint Indo-German Expeditions for investigation of Quaternary-Holocene Palaeolakes in Ladakh, Lahul-Spiti-Kinnaur (participants Freie University, Berlin; Kumaun University, Nainital; Panjab University, Chandigarh), June-July 2004 Triassic Field Meeting Spiti and Pin Valleys IGCP 467 convened by Prof. Leopold Krystyn (Vienna).




As an activist under IYPE-IUGS Programme widespread grassroots community interaction  to numerous school teachers and students on Earth History, Hazard Mitigation, Himalayan scientific and scenic grandeur, delivered following important talks:


·         Geological History and Landscapes of NW Himalayas (4th December, 2006) Geosciences Dept, PennState University, STATE COLLEGE, PA, USA (host Erik Kirby), 5th January, 2007 at Geology Dept, University of Cincinnati, OHIO(host Thomas Algeo)

·         Invited for talk on ASIAN TSUNAMI GEOETHICAL AUDIT in IASTS ( International Association for Science and Technology for Society) Meeting, Baltimore (USA) February, 2007

·         In February, 2006, Resource Person Guest Speaker to community-based disaster preparedness programme of NGO Anugyalaya, a Darjeeling Diocese Social Service Society dealing with landslides in Nimbong, Pabringta and Angmakhmar Gram Panchayats of West Bengal, NE India.

·         March, 2006-Guest Speaker in Geology Dept, Kumaun University, Nainital , India, for lectures in Stratigraphy and popular talk to Longview Public School organised by Kumaun University

·         June, 2006: Special Lecture: Experiential Teaching of stratigraphy to university and college teachers at DST Workshop on Diamond Jubilee of ARI, PUNE (DST INSTITUTE),India

·         Geoethics Audit: Asian Tsunami: Pribram (Czech) INTERNATIONAL GEOETHICS MEET Oct, 2005( Chaired a session)

·       Avalanches, flash floods, quakes, tsunamis in India 2020: Management capacity: Invited talk in India Vision 2020 Workshop University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh February, 2005;

·         Himachal Himalayas: Palaeoproterozoic to Holocene (Special lecture Geology Dept., Lund University, Sweden, March 2003)

·         Australia’s geological history with special reference to Great barrier reef (Special Lecture, Indian Science Congress, Jan 2003, Bangalore);

·         Aspects of Holocene sediment deformations in Spiti and Satluj Valleys (Special Invited Lecture, 13th Jan, 2003 at Geological Society of India, Bangalore)

·         July 26: Dr Arun D. Ahluwalia , ANU, Canberra, Australia( 2002) Panjab University, India
A humanised perspective of earth's enigmatic history: The quest for newer anthropological sites in the Himalayas

·         Earth’s Enigmatic history: Yuva Vigyanic Protsahan Yojana of DST Organised by Physics Dept., Panjab University, Chandigarh (July 2nd, 2002);

·         UK (November, December, 1996) Himalayan Stratigraphy Update  at Wales University College, Aberystwyth( host Dr Denis Bates); b)The Lesser Himalayan and Tethyan Basin : A glimpse through camera lens: at Wales University College, Aberystwyth, UK (host President Students’ Club & Dr Denis Bates ); c)The Himalayan Stratigraphy Update: A personal glimpse: Geology Dept., Bristol University ( hosts Prof D.E.G. Briggs & Dr M. Benton); d)The Himalayan Stratigraphy controversy: a personal glimpse: Glasgow University, Dept of Geology & Geophysics (hosts Dr G.Curry & Dr Braithwaite),e)The Himalayan geological story of 2500 million years: BGS, Nottingham (host Dr Peter J. Cook Director BGS, Escort Dr Evans); f)Blaini to Tal: major events: Oxford University Dept of Earth Sciences( host Dr Martin Brasier).

·         PAKISTAN (September,1999) Palaeontological discoveries elucidating geological structures – case histories from Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh in I.U.G.S. Sponsored  I.G.C.P. 421 Meet :  ( host  Dr Qasim Jan, Peshawar)

·         Krol-Tal Controversy: ETH, Zurich (hosts A Gansser & H.M.Bolli) 1984 & IGC, Moscow 1984.




·         Guest of the week in BBC Radio Programme of Hindi section;   December, 1996.

·         Star plus channel regarding earthquakes January,2001; Star News  channel on Tibet Flash Floods in SAtluj Valley in August , 2004;

·         Indian TV Doordarshan Jullunder Punjabi Programme 8 pm Vigyan Patrika: Himalayas & Earthquakes; 2006.

·         DDI Saketi Fossil Park; On Indian TV DD1 interviewed eminent geological celebrity Padma Shri C.P. Vohra (Retd DG,GSI & Everest & Antarctica Hero) during 50 th anniversary of Mount Everest First Climb, Ashok Sahni on Dinosaurs, 2005 and Antarctica Hero Rasik Ravindra, Dy DG,GSI,2006

·         BBC Channel IV  52 minute TV documentary with John Talent( Sydney), Patricia Woolf( Princeton), Ph Janvier( Paris), J.B. Waterhouse( Brisbane), R.K. Goel ( Roorkee), Gopal Dongol ( Kathmandu) etc  September 1990.

·         Star News interview on Snow fall & climates, March, 2005

·         ZDF  Germany TV 35 minute documentary on LADAKH QUATERNARY GEOLOGY Feb,2005 <,1872,2264658,00.html>

·         Interviewed on SITI Channel Chandigarh on TSUNAMI

·         Guest articles in 16 Indian Newspapers, 2 E-Magazines 2005-2006 on various topics arousing society interest in Geosciences touching the common man on this planet.


Membership of Learned societies and other academic bodies:


·         Life Member, Indian Geologists Association, Chandigarh;

·         Fellow, Geological Society of India, Bangalore;

·         Life Member, Electron Microscope Society of India (EMSI);

·         Convenor, M. R. Sahni Memorial Lecture, Geology Dept., PU (1996) delivered by Prof. S.B. Bhatia;

·         Convenor, UGC funded National Seminar on Mega Events from Blaini to Tal ( August 8-10),1998;

·         Convenor for International seminar cum field meeing on Terminal Proterozoic- Early Cambrian of Nigali Dhar-Korgai( Krol Belt) and Spiti Basin in autumn, 2000 sponsored by INTERNATIONAL PALAEONTOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION ( meeting postponed due to extensive damage caused by extensive  by Satluj flash floods smashing 98 major bridges);

·         Expert to Commission of Scientific and Technical Terminology, R K Puram, N.Delhi ( participated in Writing three Booklets Hindi Geological Definitions, Petrological and Structural Geological Terms);

·         Expert to Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghrahalya ( IGRMS National Museum of Mankind, Bhopal) for setting up their museum;

·         Executive Editor, Electron Microscope Society of India 2000-2001;

·         Secretary, Indian Geologists Association Chandigarh (1987-89);

·         Corporate Member of Institution of Geoscientists (India) AMIG Registration No.385.





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SUBMITTED IN GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA (1972-1982): Geological Map of Himachal Pradesh published by GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA in GEOLOGY OF HIMACHAL PRADESH (1998 by S.V.Srikantia and O.N. Bhargava) carries reduced versions of parts of my old GSI Maps of Staluj Valley & Bhaga Valley as given in GSI Reports by(i) K.C.Prashra & A.D.Ahluwalia and (ii) A.D.Ahluwalia & Sabyasachi Dasgupta, (iii)  A.D.Ahluwalia (  my GSI reports). ( GSI map is attributed to various  GSI officers & I served there for a decade & my map  portions included relate to four  field seasons field work during 1976-1980


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  • Report on the large scale mapping for cement grade limestone in the Drawl-Kariali Block in Simla District, H.P.  (1976-77) (jointly with O.P.Sharma)
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  • Geoethical lapse in Indian Ocean tsunami: global warning system failure compounded the disaster terrible, Ist J&K State Science Congress (Geoscience Session Convenor G.V.R. Prasad, February 7-9, 2005: p. 169, CP 232 (Ahluwalia, A.D.)




  • Two M Phil Theses of Vikram Gupta and Devinder K Arora both on Spiti Stratigraphy;
  •  Five Ph.D. Theses: a) Dr Gurdev Singh: Krol Formation, Lesser Himalaya; b) Dr Virender Singh : Tal and Bijni Formation, Mussoorie & Garhwal Synclines; c) Dr Rakesh Kapoor: Palaeogene & Neogene of Dharamsala area; d) Dr Ritu Raj: Tuffaceous Mudstone, Siwaliks; e) Dr Sandeep Singh Walia: Tal Formation, Mussoorie and Nigali Dhar Syncline.