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Office/Housing Linq, Sint-Denijs-Westrem (B) 2004-2005  

The site of a mid-century bungalow has been transformed into an office/house.  Erected on the foundations of the previous building, the present development was required to have an ambivalent function. It was to be an advertising agency today with scope for conversion to housing tomorrow. This called for an open, flexible layout. 


The building is in an area subject to early floods, and is placed on a white concrete plinth that forms both a literal and metaphorical island. Above the pedestal is a complex form whose character is neither recognisably commercial nor domestic. The black sculpture is reminiscent of a modern villa, yet the north-light roof construction has the character of 

industrial architecture.  
Daylight enters not only through four north-light roofs, creating a diffused lighting mood in the white internal space, but also through four large areas of glazing, each and every one positioned at the end of a wall.  The skylights accentuate the internal space, the windows the  connection with  the exterior. The detailing and geometry aplied does not only control the physical and structural characteristics, but especially the aesthetics of the  building.  The use of natural materials (concrete,aluminium, black zinc, wood) supports monolithical character of the building. 



Collaboration with architect Eeckels Armand.

Foto's Vercruysse & Dujardin

          Stijn Bollaert