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Biennale 'Interieur 06', Kortrijk (B) 2006.

In collaboration with NU architectuuratelier and Doorzoon.

NU architectuuratelier (Amand Eeckels, Arunas Arlauskas, Halewjin Lievens) and DOORZON (Stephanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur) were tasked with formulating the layout of the Bienalle. Including a wayfinding technique referred to whimsically in the press materials as ' the Ring ',which was an attempt to connect all the halls with unified elements such as lighting, signage, and resting places. The part of RING was a portal called EXILE that connected the large empty outdoor space between halls 4 and 5. Designed by Swedish architect Mats Karlssons, the large origami - like tube was constructed from coated cardboard sheets folded into a 3D truss - system.