Here you will find information about the art classes at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. If you look above, you will find links that will help you over the course of the year. All of your sketchbook assignments and due dates are listed. Click around and you'll find some interesting visual arts resources.

What we're working on now...

Welcome back! As we begin the year, our 6th graders are getting used to the process and procedures of the art studio. We will be starting off with a drawing project combining design-based line drawings with a simple still-life.

Our 7th grade artists begin the year drawing their hands after much studying of the proper proportions and new shading techniques.

In 8th grade, the year begins with a drawing project that is inspired by the Trompe-L'oeil style of still-life. We study some history of the style and then create a drawing that is designed to "fool the eye" due to the high level of realism.

We are looking forward to a great year!