Here you will find information about the art classes at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. If you look above, you will find links that will help you over the course of the year. All of your sketchbook assignment choices and due dates are listed. Click around and you'll find some interesting visual arts resources.

Sketchbooks: Each student will need to bring a sketchbook for use during class as well as for some independent drawing assignments. We recommend sketchbooks that are 9" x 12" and have a spiral binding. You should be able to find a sketchbook at any store that sells school supplies. If you get one that has about 100 sheets or so, you could probably get a couple of years out of it!

What we're working on now...

September 2015

As we begin the year, our sixth graders are introduced to the art studio, their Art "home" for the year.  We will soon start our first project as we set some goals and expectations for the coming year.

We welcome back our seventh and eighth graders to the art studio.  They will continue their journey and learn some new techniques this year as well!  We are very excited about what this year will bring!