Here you will find information about the art classes at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. If you look above, you will find links that will help you over the course of the year. All of your sketchbook assignments and due dates are listed. Click around and you'll find some interesting visual arts resources.

What we're working on now...

April 19, 2016

As we enter 4th marking period, our sixth graders are diving into a couple great projects. Mrs. Molnar's classes are working on an oil pastel still-life and Mr. Romeo's students are creating a 3D version of a famous Pop Art painting.

Seventh graders are finishing up a project that combines a realistic pencil self-portrait with a relief printmaking project. It is their first chance to use proper printmaking materials like a brayer and some Soft-Kut carving tools.

Eighth graders are finishing up the year with acrylic paintings, scratchboard and will soon begin working on their legacy blocks on the walls of the Art Rooms. In two short months, they'll be off to High School. Time to leave their mark!