Moscow Art Theatre School Heritage

"A kind of noble-mindedness was taught at the Moscow Art Theatre School; the whole process of acquiring Stanislavsky’s system demanded uninterrupted alliance of aesthetics and ethics, the formation of an artist and the formation of an artist’s personality occurred simultaneously.” Oleg Tabakov.


Stanislavsky in "The Cherry Orchard"

The Cherry Orchard
Stanislavsky- Gaev
Knipper-Chekhova - Lubov Andreevna
Tarkhanov - Firs

Few Scenes from the Russian Theatre

Vsevold Meyerhold's biomechanics,
-  Solomon Mikhoëls' King Lear,
-  Stanislavsky's only taped rehearsal of Tartuffe

Culture Fair: Russian Theatre

History of Russian Theatre - English
Includes Michael Lobanov teaching Michael Chekhov technique.

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