Leroy Says:

Summer Time Is Here

Mr. Powell is relaxing and hoping you are as well. It's a good time to practice and enjoy how good your instruments sound. I'm doing a few lessons on Tuesdays, practicing in the morning, and often playing at night. Oh, there's garden fun and painting the house, but always a tune in my heart - and I hope yours too. I'm around so feel free to write if you have any questions. I'll be in the new band room in late August. Until then, then.

Plan Ahead For Band In The Fall

Contact Mr. Powell to set up an appointment and come try Band instruments,
especially if you're a 5th grader interested in playing music. Next year's 7th and 8th graders can join Band as well. In Beginning Band, no experience is required and if you already play, talk with Mr. Powell and you may join Symphonic Band or even try-out for Jazz. Auditions for Jazz Band will begin the week of May 22nd but we'll hold them in the first week of September as well for students new to our school.

"Si necesita más información en Español sobre esta clase, por favor comuníquese con María Schaad al 541-790-5700 o por correo electrónico schaad_ma@4j.lane.edu."

Grades are out!

To see your child's grade, in Parent View of Synergy, click on the

Report Card tab - otherwise, NA will appear. Of course you can ask me anytime and I will tell you how your child is doing in class.
The easiest way to get an A grade in band -when the real grades go out at year's end - is by turning in your practice cards. Kids are clearly practicing because that's why we sound so good!
You can print a practice card from HERE.

Other Musical Notes
and free Sheet Music
Free Jazz Concert Tickets:
The Shedd Concert Hall has lots of Jazz concerts and many are free for students. Here is more specific information.

Take advantage of your ability to read and play by ear. Here is a place to find thousands of songs in the Public Domain that composers over the centuries have left for us to learn - and it's free! Lots of music is on this site to download and share for free.
To download a specific piece of music, follow this example: The music is listed alphabetically, so I chose: Clarinet Duet 1 (Reintjes, Roy). Click that > scroll down to "Complete Score" and click. A PDF of the song should appear. If you have any problems, just ask me to help.

For a copy of the Syllabus for any of our classes: Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band or Music Circus (Explore), click on Syllabus in the tab above - all class information on grades, expectations and specific information is there.

Mr. Powell plays in a few adult, Jazz, and Classical groups.

The website for Mr. Powell's Jazz Band - The Invisible Arts Project is here. 
Consistent dates for the Invisible Arts are the 1st Saturday of each month, 7:00 - 9:00 at Papa's Soul Food and the 2nd Saturday, 8:00 - 10:00, at The Board (ol' Tiny's Tavern).

Mr. Powell plays trombone in the Eugene/Springfield Community Orchestra. That Orchestra has a concert this Sunday evening at 7:30 in the Springfield High auditorium. Come hear some great music by J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, R. Vaughn Williams, Aaron Copeland, and others. It is free!

To communicate, it's easiest if you write to my email address (below) and I will connect with you promptly. We can set up a time to meet or I can answer any questions you may have. You may also leave a note for me in the office if it's open.

Take Care,

Mr. Powell
Musical Director Arts and Technology Academy & IHS Jazz Band
541-790-5700   powell@4j.lane.edu          Music Web Site:  https://sites.google.com/site/arttechband/

"Music is the healing force of the Universe" - Albert Ayler