Leroy Says:

It's True! ATA Jazz Band at the Hult Center, Sun. April 30th.

We play as part of the ACTSO competition and are special guests. More specifics soon, but mark your calendars and come see us play on the big stage. We're on about 5:00 p.m.

Jazz Band goes to Chavez and Adams Elementary schools this Thursday (4-20)
Have your child here at the regular time - 7:40, dressed in their cummerbuns, ties, white shirt and all black below. The specifics are here.

Symphonic Band has chosen their cartoon and it's...........

Dr Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
featuring Tom and Jerry.
For student "home work" here are the links to the cartoon. They are in order so copy/paste these URLs and you'll have a look at the complete cartoon.

A)   Begining to 2:24        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBAt_yxbZZo

B)   Acid Scene, ends with Jerry small    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PxKW1ReNTk

C)   End (with slight overlap from scene 2)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vZNURg3b3M

Jazz is Pink

Yep, Jazz Band has chosen Pink Phink for their cartoon.

The link to it is here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41aGCrXM20E

Students can also watch it in the Band room.

Monday, April 17th - Jazz Band at Papa's Pizza
Yes, the Jazz Band is quite good now and we are ready for a public performance, outside of school. We are playing at Papa's Pizza on 11th and Chambers beginning at 6:00 on Monday evening, April 24th. Come see our incredible Jazz Band, have a nice dinner and support the cause. Half of the money you spend on dinner goes directly to the Band program for music, instrument repair, field trips, and other costs. Bring this poster or get one from the office and use it when you purchase your food.  This will confirm that 1/2 the cost of your dinner goes to the Band!

Grades are out!

To see your child's grade, in Parent View of Synergy, click on the

Report Card tab - otherwise, NA will appear. Of course you can ask me anytime and I will tell you how your child is doing in class.
The easiest way to get an A grade in band -when the real grades go out after spring break - is by turning in your practice cards. Kids are clearly practicing because that's why we sound so good!
You can print a practice card from HERE.

In Band classes we are now working on our competencies (playing quizzes and tests). You can download a copy of them in the Syllabus tab.

Going to the Hult Center? 
If you go to a concert at the Hult, check with Mr. Powell to see if the Jazz Band is hosting our Parking Lot - directly across from the Hult Center on 6th and Willamette. Park for $5 and walk across the street. All proceed go directly to the Jazz Band and are tax deductible. No exhaust fumes, no fuss no muss. Be sure to tip the street musicians - they're in our Jazz Band.

Other Musical Notes
and free Sheet Music
Free Jazz Concert Tickets:
The Shedd Concert Hall has lots of Jazz concerts and many are free for students. Here is more specific information.

Take advantage of your ability to read and play by ear. Here is a place to find thousands of songs in the Public Domain that composers over the centuries have left for us to learn - and it's free! Lots of music is on this site to download and share for free.
To download a specific piece of music, follow this example: The music is listed alphabetically, so I chose: Clarinet Duet 1 (Reintjes, Roy). Click that > scroll down to "Complete Score" and click. A PDF of the song should appear. If you have any problems, just ask me to help.

For a copy of the Syllabus for any of our classes: Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band or Music Circus (Explore), click on Syllabus in the tab above - all class information on grades, expectations and specific information is there.

Mr. Powell plays in a few adult, Jazz, and Classical groups.

The website for Mr. Powell's Jazz Band - The Invisible Arts Project is here. 
Consistent dates for the Invisible Arts are the 1st Saturday of each month, 7:00 - 9:00 at Papa's Soul Food and the 2nd Saturday, 8:00 - 10:00, at The Board (ol' Tiny's Tavern).

Mr. Powell plays trombone in the Eugene/Springfield Community Orchestra. That Orchestra has a concert this Sunday evening at 7:30 in the Springfield High auditorium. Come hear some great music by J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, R. Vaughn Williams, Aaron Copeland, and others. It is free!

To communicate, it's easiest if you write to my email address (below) and I will connect with you promptly. We can set up a time to meet or I can answer any questions you may have. You may also leave a note for me in the office if it's open.

Take Care,

Mr. Powell
Musical Director Arts and Technology Academy & IHS Jazz Band
541-790-5700   powell@4j.lane.edu          Music Web Site:  https://sites.google.com/site/arttechband/

"Music is the healing force of the Universe" - Albert Ayler