Students' Comments

Linda Plummer is one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met.  she teaches with patience, and encourages me to try patterns and stitches more difficult than I think I can do.  Linda is always supportive.  In her classes, each student feels important and gets attention, and Linda never lets beginner mistakes discourage us.  She shows how to fix the mistake and then gets us back on track happily knitting.  In every sense of the word, Linda is a master knitter who loves what she does.    - Judy C.
Every year, I travel from South Carolina to Pennsylvania for a visit with my son and Linda Plummer.  I take with me a large carry-on bag of must have, but indecipherable patterns and half finished or barely started knitting enigmas.  Linda is never alarmed at the mess I've made or the mysterious instructions.  She proceeds in her quiet, gentle manner to help me turn a mess into a masterpiece!
I return to South Carolina having fallen in love with a wonderful old city, beautiful garments, new techniques and, most importantly, a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.  My gratitude to her is never ending, as I know that her friendship and presence is as close asa the computer and, once a year, a nine hour drive!   Helen K.

Many years after knitting with my grandmother I tried knitting again. My green sweater was way too large and I had no idea know why, so my husband suggested I see if I could find a class. Linda warmly welcomed me to ‘Knit with Linda” and introduced me to the others in the group. The people around the table were of different ages and skill levels, from knitters needing help with a pattern, to people just learning how to make the stitches. While we worked and counted and talked when we could, Linda was always there to help each person when needed. I immediately felt part of the group and over time realized that Linda’s ability to be upbeat and welcoming to everyone, along with her vast knowledge and ability to make the lesson fit the individual’s needs are reasons I keep going back. One of the best parts of the class is listening to what others are doing and how to approach their concerns, a technique that taught me a lot without my even knowing it.

Liz B.