How I Got Here

One of the joys of teaching and knitting has been to participate in the warmth of knitting with others and experience its healing and supportive powers.
  • I have been teaching at Knit One in Pittsburgh since it opened, continue to teach at other venues, including
  • I lead and participate in knitting retreats..  See Announcements
  • In 2009 I designed a banner for the G-20 Conference in Pittsburgh and then coordinated about 30 knitters to make it.
  •   I assembled the pieces and it was accepted to be hung at the Pittsburgh County Airport, where the delegates arrived.  It will hang there for a year and then move to the Pittsburgh International Airport.  The Pittsburgh Airport Authority has submitted it to an international airport art competition.
  • Teach  at Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival, Kinzua KnitAway, Finger Lakes Fiber Festival and other venues
    16 semi-annual Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? retreats in NorthCentral PA!
    Have organized our local WorldWide Knitting in Public Day since 2013
  • I am passionate about supporting close to the farm fiber

  • I have been fortunate to studiy with:
  • Meg Swanson
    Lucy Neatby
    Cat Bordhi
    Nancy Bush
    Cheryl Oberele
    Nicky Epstein
    Therese Chynoweth
    Kaffe Fassett
    Galina Khmeleva
    Judy Pascale
    Kathryn Alexander
    Beth Brown-Reinsel
    Shirley Grade
    Amy Detjen
    Hazel Carter
    Annie Modesitt
    Sally Melville
    Debbie Bliss
    Cheryl Schaefer
    Tom Kneisley 
    Judith MacKenzie
    Patsy Sue Zawistowski