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The difficult decision to cancel the postponed nit in Public event opened way for a new virtual opportunity.  Patric Richardson and Karin Miller Zoomed in with a Laundry Camp!!  Yes, a Laundry Camp!  We had a delightful time, learned much, laughed, and invited the Laundry Guru (Patric) and award-winning author (Karin) into our homes for a most unusual evening!  Certainly a first for the area!!

Watch for some surprises for Knitting in Public.  A radical turn!  Check out for updates.

Alas, Does a Bear Knit in the Woods had to be postponed again due to Covid 19.  It shall be rescheduled once again once it is safe to do so.  Questions and projects are accumulating, and we are anxious to gather again.

The Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild  made the difficult, but prudent decision, to cancel the event for this September.  This has been a very hard year for fiber vendors.  Thanks to the internet and listings by festivals, you can still find local sources.

Join us for our 8th annual Worldwide Knitting in Public Day in Galton's John J. Collins Park.  We have rescheduled for Saturday, August 29 at 10 am, as long as it is safe by then.  If not, we plan some virtual events.   More surprises!  Again, all ages are welcome.  Knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, string art, let your i magination lead you!
Two legged and four legged creatures all participate!  Once again, your presence benefits the Galeton Public Library.

We hope to reschedule the 19th for later this year.  Stay tuned and check in with me if you are interested.
18th Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? retreat.  Wednesday, April 3 @ 1:00 through Friday, April 5.
Those wishing to attend Kinzua KnitAway will go together on Saturday.  Contact me for details @

I was pleased to receive third prize in the Gmeiner Regional Art Exhibit.  What a gift Arthur Gmeiner made to the region!

Watch for Finger Lakes Fiber Festival coming in September!

Past events:

18th!!!!  Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? retreat will return to Oak Hall  on Sunday, September 16.  Those wishing can arrive Sept 14 and go together to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival on Saturday.  Contact me ( for details if you are interested.  

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, September 16 and 17:
I will be teaching: 
Smart Beginnings and Sweet Endings:  a variety of cast ons and bind offs
Kinzua Knit Away (April 6 and 7)
    a rich local fiber event in Warren PA.  I am thrilled to be back.  

Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock NY Sept. 20, 21.    Knitting and Weaving with Handspun, Designing Stash  and Stranded Knitting.   Visit

Kinzua Knit-Away is held in Warren PA will resume in the spring of 2018

Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet and Creative Arts Festival  March 24, 25, 26

Studio Tour at Gmeiner in Wellsboro  opening on February 7 at 2.  Come enjoy a pictorial tour of area artists - including mine.  An imaginative idea!

An old favorite has been done in a new Cascade yarn!  http://www.cascadey

New Noro, 1, 2, 3 Skeins: 30 Colorful Knits just out.  It features my Braided Moebius Cowl, published by Sixth& Spring Books.  Used by permission.  Photography by Rose Callahan and text coppyright 2014 by Sixth and Spring.  Used by permission.  Shown on

Noro Crochet now published!  Here are images of the book and my Flowers and Buttons shawl.
Classes available upon request.
Flowers and Buttons from Crochet Noro, published by Sixth&Spring Books. Photography by Rose Callahan copyright © by Sixth&Spring Books/Knitting Fever, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Ruffled Capelet in 60 Quick Cotton Knits                                                

 Party Wrap is in  the  new Cascade Cowls.            Zealana book features Squall Shawl, shown below. 


1 2 3 Skeins, published by Sixth&Spring Books.                              Cascade 60 Quick Knits Cotton                                                                                                     
Photography by Rose Callahan and text copyright © 2014 by Sixth&Spring Books. Used by permission.

                    Pleased with two Honorable Mentions at the Gmeiner Regional Arts Show:


Lazy Day at the Lake pattern published on         Never a Straight Line - Shetland yarn
Ravelry.   It is a stranded knitted shawl with        stranded knitting 
dragonflies and lily pads and surface 
embellishment.  I saved knitting on it until 
the end of the day - it was my evening reward!  
Knit in Kuani variegated - a dream!

Keep checking this page for announcements about upcoming classes, retreats, etc.!
Click here to view my calendar.

Coming up:
  • New patterns available at ravelry - artsyknits 
  • Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?  November 1 - 3 (4) 2016
  • Watch for Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival in March, 2017.

Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? November 1 - November 3 with extended day the 4th and field trip the 5th, wrapping up at noon on the 6th

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See link below for details.
15th knitting retreat at Oak Hall, Brooklyn PA.

Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? November 2016

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Thirteenth Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?    November 1 - 3 (4) 2016

Details at link below or email me at


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Noro Crochet Book

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Noro Book.jpg

Now out. check out my shawl.

Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

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Does a Bear Knit in the Woods? retreat at Oak Hall on WEdnesday, November 7 at 1 pm through Friday at noon, with the option of staying an extra day.
Knitter's Choice with a feature of learning or reviewing the moebius, domino knitting and adapting patterns for size or style details.

New Book loaded with patterns

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I am delighted that the new 60 More Quick Baby Knits has hit the stores.  The first pattern is one I designed for a very special baby, Alice.

60 More.jpg

Knit Simple Winter 2011

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The pattern for this shawl is available in Knit Simple magazine and  on the Knit Simple website.

Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

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By popular request, we will do a Knitter's Choice.  May 28 at 1:00 toMay 30 at noon.  Check attachment for details!  Space limited, as I like to keep these events small.

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