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Photoshop workspace &How to create a new file.

posted 1 Dec 2011, 01:41 by Manal Raafat
I will add helping Photoshop tips in a series like a book with diagrams and illustrations to be easy for you to follow me .
I hope it will be clear and useful.

Photo-shop workspace [ Interface]

Known as outside of the box.

  • Menu  bar:found on the top of the window. It contains the file,edit ,image and layer and other menus .
  • Beside the Menu Bar there is the  Application Bar showing the Hand Tool, Zoom Tool and Rotate View tool and Arrange Document and Screen Mode .
  • Tool Option bar :found under the menu bar.It shows the options of the selected tool .
  • Tool box:by default it is found on the left side of the window.It shows the different photoshop tools.
  • Pallets : or pans it is found on the left side of the window.Like the layer pallet and color and others. 

Create A New Document .

Select the Menu Bar >File>New  or use shortcut Ctrl -N.
A new dialog box will appear to choose width ,hight ,and also you will choose pixel ,cm or points .