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Canvas In Photoshop

posted 15 Jan 2012, 08:40 by Manal Raafat
Did you notice the difference between the three pictures . That is not a frame it is an option in photo shop named as canvas.  That option you can use  for,
  • Increasing the photo size and adding a fixed area around the image if you have a small image.
  • Adding plain homogeneous frame with matching color to get different look and feel.
  • Put your own touch and give a depth for the picture you like for the people you like or your favorite places ,pets , things and more of the things around you.
  • Adding thickness in some areas more than the other areas ,so you can write what you like on the image .So you can add more information and enriched your documents , or even write some memories on the photo of your lovely people in your life, then you can print it with that writing .
  • You can even write with your pen on the picture itself on that area , or with the Brush Tool or Pen Tool with photo shop as if it is your handwriting.
  •  Also there are many things to do with it try to find your own and add your comment .

  • Open new photo-shop document with dimensions of  300 w x 225 h with any color for background to put your photo on it .
  • From the file menu choose place and choose the image you like from your computer,and check the tick in the option bar to place it .[diagram 1]
  • Now you placed the picture you like to make some changes for it .
  • Select the layer of the picture , go to the image menu and choose canvas size.The first thing is to check the box [Relative] then adjust the width and hight to 1 cm or the amount you like to add around the picture , put the Anchor to the middle  ,put the canvas extension color as you like to either foreground or background or other to choose your color of the canvas .
  • Click ok . [diagram 2] 
  •  Now you added continuous symmetrical border or frame around your image .
  • To add to the bottom of the photo ,back again to the Image menu -Canvas size  add now to the hight  only and check the Anchor in the upper middle [go to diagram 3 ]  
  •  If you want to add to the side just click the Anchor in the middle of the other side and add to the width not the hight .[go to diagram 4]
  •  Now you added to the side and bottom ,it is the same idea if you like to add to the top just put the Anchor to the lower middle and add to the hight to the image .
  • If you want to add your handwriting with photo-shop you should add another layer ans choose the Pen tool and start writing with your mouth what you like.
  • At last save your work .
That is the end of my work after I added a layer style to the handwriting layer , check it.

I hope you will like it and find it useful  .
Thanks MR