Working with layers.

posted 10 Jul 2011, 04:33 by Manal Raafat

You can do every thing from the Layer Menu , Layer Panel Options,and directly from the layers itself by right click it and select the option you like.You can also use the keyboard. 

* To rename the layer double click the layer name and change it or open the options of the panel at the upper right side of the panels 
* The best part about layers is that you can work with each layer separately without disturbing your art work, so if you do not like it just select the layer and delete it from the delete button down . *  You can work with each layer separately or as a group [Layer >New >Group] and group all in one folder. * Duplicating the layer[Ctrl-j] . * To link layers together pressing on the layers you want to link together while holding the shift key to select the layers and click the link layers button at the bottom left of the layer palette . * To unlink go to Layer > unlink layers. *  Rearrange the layers by drag and drop . * To merge the layers Layer > merge(after selecting them) .Or by Ctrl-E.