Tips for How To Choose Photos For Making A Composite Image With Photoshop[ Blending images with Photoshop]

posted 29 Sep 2011, 02:17 by Manal Raafat
You may need to add someone or something to your picture to feel that the picture is complete ,or to make a funny ,or imaginary photo like our photo here , so you need to make a composite image .
A composite image 
is a single image that put together in Photoshop from parts of multiple  photographs . You should choose photos to go together ,to be matching together as you choose them from your photo collection.The photos should match in tones ,color and sharpness . 

 The general guide lines and, most important points are  

If you can take them in studio and adjust light, it will be good. In the natural light you should fallow that tips.
  1. Time of the day .Try to shoot at about the same time of the day .
  2. Weather conditions to be similar 
  3.  Take care of the direction of light and shadows ,so that the shadows in the photos match  .

  1. Perspective , the photos should be taken from a similar angle , from up down or right left .
  2. Orientation should be similar , both photos should be horizontal or both photos should be vertical .It will faster and less effort and more easy . 
  3. Size should be matching also ,but we can adjust the size with Photoshop.

  1. Avoid busy backgrounds .
  2. Better to have empty space around the part of the picture you like to blend .
Thanks for your reading .I hope it was useful .I will continue the story please follow me.