Change The Look Of your Photos With Video Tutorial

posted 20 Jun 2011, 16:19 by Manal Raafat   [ updated 20 Jun 2011, 16:28 ]

That is the original picture of the famous Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmi and his wife .

 Two colors of the Photoshop manipulated picture as if it was drawn by hand  


The Video Tutorial

1)    Open the picture in Photoshop

2)    Duplicate the layer.


3)    Go to Image - Adjustments - then select Invert.

4)    ''    ''     Filter –Blur then - Gaussian Blur –OK. Change the blending mode of the layer to Color Dodge. Go to the create new fill or adjustment layer button at the bottom of the layer panel, and select Threshold adjust the image to the look you like ( about 240-242).


5)    Add new layer,and adjust the blending mode to Multiply .Select the color of the foreground to the skin color. With the Paint Bucket Tool fill the layer with the skin color of the foreground (just click the working area ).


6)    Duplicate the Background layer and move it to the top of the layers.

7)    Put the Foreground color to the hair color (brown) ,and the Background color to white.

8)    Go to Filter menu –Sketch – Halftone pattern.Adjust it as shown in the diagram Change the blending mode to Overlay or Multiply.

9) Save your work

The Video