Adjusting image color and tone with Photoshop- Using Levels

posted 10 Jul 2011, 04:28 by Manal Raafat
Adjusting image color and tone

You can notice the difference between the two pictures that is the Levels Adjustments
Levels overview
You use the Levels adjustment to correct the tonal range and color balance of an image by adjusting intensity levels of image shadows, midtones, and highlights. The Levels histogram is a visual guide for adjusting the image key tones . To open the Levels dialog box do one of the following :
  • Click the Levels icon or a Levels preset in the Adjustments panel.
  • Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels. Click OK in the New Layer dialog box.
  • Choose Image > Adjustments > Levels.
Note: Choosing Image > Adjustments > Levels makes direct adjustments to the image layer and discards image information
To adjust the shadows and highlights manually, drag the black and white Input Levels sliders to the edge of the first group of pixels at either end of the histogram.
  • To adjust the the black color drag the black head of the slider .
  • To adjust the the white color drag the white head of the slider.
  • To adjust midtones, use the middle Input slider to make a gamma adjustment.
  • You can also use the Auto button to auto adjust the tone of your pictures
  • You can delete the whole layer if you do not like the results .
  • You can also select the color mode if RGB  or CMYK.