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Sinai Peninsula

posted 2 May 2011, 14:20 by Manal Raafat
Sinai is the land of discovery.It is the route to the Promised Land, where Isis sought Osiris and the Pharaohs found gold.After 8,000 years at the heart of history, experience the continuing contrasts. Sinai is where rock meets coral reef and the desert stops at the sea.It is the grandeur of granite meeting golden beaches. Here, you will find tropical fish and rare birds, spectacular sunsets and clear starry nights.

The name Sinai is derived from the Mount Sinai . 
The Sinai Peninsula or Sinai is a triangular peninsula in Egypt which is about 60,000 km square  It lies between the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Red Sea to the south.It is the only part of Egypt located in Asia. Egyptians also refer to it as the "Land of Fayrouz" The peninsula is divided into two Egyptian governorates[North ,and South], and has a population of approximately 1.3 million people.
North Sinai[ Shamal Sinai] 
El-Arish has shady palm beaches , Mediterranean waves and the glowing colors of Bedouin crafts.

South Sinai[  Ganub Sinai] 
Sharm el-Sheikh is the simplicity of sun, sea and sand. The luxury of five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment.
Ras Mohamed is a world famous paradise of coral gardens and tropical fish. 
Mount Moses ,sometimes referred to as the Holy Mountains (El-Tur) .The 7,497 foot mountain has 3,750 steps hewn out of stone by monks of St. Catherine's Monastery, which is located just to the North.
Dahab  Dahab means "gold" in Arabic. In Sinai it means golden sands,and turquoise sea. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sinai that presents divers and snorkelers a wide variety of tropical fish in every color of the rainbow. 
Taba It lies at the northernmost edge of the Gulf of Aqaba.In modern times, it is best known as the last piece of land that was returned to Egypt following Israel's occupation of Sinai. 
 Sinai is one of the coldest provinces in Egypt because of its high altitudes and mountainous topographies. Winter temperatures in some of Sinai's cities and towns reach −16 °C (3.2 °F).

Interesting Sites of Sinai 
-Blue Desert The Blue Desert, lies western and very close to the monastery of St. Catherine's. The Belgian artist Jean Verame has painted many boulders with a blue colour. It was - with the permission of the late president Anwar El Sadat - meant to symbol the end of the war between Israel and Egypt.
-Blue Hole This most famous and probably most beautiful diving spot in all Sinai, also known as "The Canyon", lies approx. 10 km north of Dahab.
-Coloured Canyon The Colored Canyon has become a very popular safari destination. It lies close to the town of Nuweiba and can be combined with a trip to the St. Catherine's Monastery. 
-Ayun Musa  Ayun Musa (Moses springs) is a small oasis, situated south of Suez.
-Hammam Pharaon   
 Approx. 45 km south of Ras Sidr, there is the Pharaoh’s Bath called Hammam Pharaon. There are hot water springs as well as a cave that leads inside the bath. It is very hot here and it smells of Hydrogen Sulfate.
-Ras Mohamed The Ras Mohamed National Park is a nature protected area approx. 30 km south of Sharm El Sheikh.
-Tiran Island Tiran lies in the Gulf of Aqaba, right between Ras Mohamed and Saudi Arabia, divers are attracted to this place, that offers plenty of opportunities for brilliant views and underwater safaris. 
- There are more places to visit in Sinai . 

I had collected some pictures from Sinai to show you its beauty that comes from its nature .I designed photo shop picture to collect some picture on a blue background to resemble the pure blue color of its sea ,and white dots to resemble the falling snow in winter.I had been there long time ago and I could not forget it ,and its nice palm beach in El-Arish with the golden sand and blue water and clear sky .


Open a new document with dimension of 600 x 500 pixels with transparent background .

 Fill the layer with the color you like[ Edit -Fill]  and add layer style to it [ Style Panel].The trick in this design is the using of the layer style blending mode ,from the Layer Panel adjust it as shown in the picture.
Add the pictures one by one [File -Place]. Put each picture in separate layer .Use the Free Transform Tool to adjust it .
Apply layer style if you like .
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