The Collaborative Path to Learning

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The arts ... music, dance, theater, and the visual arts ... are critical to the complete education of the whole child.  Their practice, understanding and appreciation are essential to human experience and learning itself.  To engage in the arts makes us human and whole.

The collaboration of teaching artists and professional educators is an essential pathway to learning and the arts.  This website has been created as an information resource to be shared by all interested individuals on Maryland's Eastern Shore and Western Shores who have a commitment to arts integration 1.

Through this endeavor we hope to build a substantial and lasting relationship of teaching artists and professional educators that will beneift the Eastern Shore student.  It is a goal to have the arts routinely integrated into the curriculum to  insure "a whole experience for a whole child."

1 "Arts integration is ... arts learning that is deeply immersed in other content areas ... a strategy to move the arts off the sidelines of education ... a negotiation between the learner and the community ... a way of thinking about learning and teaching ... a way to teach beyond the standards."
-- Gail Burnaford, Renaissance in the Classroom: Arts Integration and Meaningful Learning, 2001

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