Public Forum on Freedom of Assembly in Singapore

Date: Saturday, 9 December 2017
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: 3A Jalan Kubor, Level 2, Singapore 199201

Over the past few months, 26 people have been investigated and/or charged for organising and participating in public assemblies related to social and political issues in Singapore*. From all walks of life - social workers, artists, activists and others - these individuals care about important and fundamental questions in our society including the protection of vulnerable groups and a just and fair society. Should they be facing criminal charges?

What exactly are the parameters of the Public Order Act, the Vandalism Act, and other such laws which have been used against these individuals? What are the effects of these restrictive laws on active citizenry in Singapore?

This is a forum by Arts Engage and Friends for public education on these laws. We will discuss our shared concerns, and hear views on the above laws. It will be an interactive session, starting with a short explanation of the relevant laws by lawyer Priscilla Chia and followed by small group discussions where you can share your views on what needs to be done.

To adhere to the new Administration of Justice (Protection) Act, we will remind participants not to prejudge ongoing investigations and trials or comment on the police/judicial outcome of specific cases. 

Instead, this forum will ask bigger questions about the implications of current practices for a diverse and inclusive Singapore society and what we can do if we desire change.

*List of pending cases:
Nine people are being investigated for the 1987 book reading on the MRT (June 2017,; 

17 people are being investigated for the candlelight vigil for Prabagaran Srivijayan (Sept 2017,; 

Activist Jolovan Wham faces 7 charges for several “illegal public assemblies” and 1 count of vandalism for temporarily sticking posters on the wall of the MRT carriage (Nov 2017,