Censorship Review Committee 2009-2010

Arts Engage Position Paper on Censorship & Regulation


In mid-2009, members of the Singapore arts community came together to select candidates for consideration as Nominated Members of Parliament (Arts, Media and Sport). Following the successful application to the position by one of their selected candidates, Audrey Wong, 180 members of the community interested in developing a more sustained engagement with issues relating to cultural policy and the creative professions came together under the loose name ‘Arts Engage’. 

In May 2009, the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) announced a mid-term censorship review. Feeling that they could make a useful contribution to this process, Arts Engage proposed 22 names for inclusion in the Censorship Review Committee. None were selected. 

Over the following months, interested members of the arts community (including practitioners from theatre, film, the visual arts, the literary arts and other forms) have continued to engage with the Censorship Review process. This has included:

• Email discussion on Arts Engage

• Being interviewed by the press

• Meetings amongst interested practitioners, and discussions with the public

• A review of earlier CRC reports, and of ‘best practices’ in other countries

• A survey of censorship experiences by a diverse range of practitioners (link here)

• Participation in CRC focus groups

• Discussions with individual members of the CRC

• A presentation to the CRC

• Participation in a follow-up presentation by the Media Development Authority (MDA)  

Arts Engage would like to thank the individual members of the CRC who met with us for frank and open conversations, and to the CRC for inviting it to address the Committee on 9 February 2010.

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