Drama Box - shh... a date with the community

Over two weekends in September 2010, Drama Box presented shh... censorship: a forum theatre performance and shh... voices of the community: an exhibition. The forum theatre performance had intended to focus on the topic of censorship, "What is censorship? Who is censoring? Who is being censored?" 

The forum theatre event was not allowed to be presented as it had intended, resulting in a different performance at the last minute. Details of the exchange between MDA and Drama Box on Drama Box's blog here. More images of the event here.


The Straits Times report on the performance that was not allowed 
No go for arts event (26 August 2010)
and MDA's response Advisory for play led to indoor move 
(28 August 2010)

"Forum theatre is a very open and considerate way to tackle difficult issues" - Kok Heng Leun, Drama Box

Review of the performance:
Excellent work by Drama Box in shh... (Yawning Bread, 7 Sept 2010)