Proposed Amendments to Films Act: Community Feedback and Position Paper (UPDATED)

MCI and IMDA have commenced a public consultation on the proposed amendments to the Films Act. 
All responses are to be submitted to IMDA by 30 December 2017 (extended from 15 December)
Members of the public, as consumers/viewers and, of course, the film and arts creative industries, and indeed, any company or individual who create video content to be exhibited publicly, should read and send on their feedback.

The film community held a community feedback session for the public consultation of the proposed Films Act amendments on 11 December 2017. 

SG Film Community Position Paper: 
read the full position paper HERE

We are concerned that a number of existing clauses and their proposed amendments will erode public confidence in the processes that regulate access to films in Singapore, and we seek more transparency in the decisions surrounding the classifying and censoring of films. 
The following are specific areas of concern:
  • Enhancement to IMDA’s Investigation and Enforcement Powers
  • Limited Update to the Films Classification Scope
  • Appeals deemed to undermine National Security to be determined by the Minister
  • Replacement of “NAR” with “Refused Classification”
  • Duration of Public Consultation 

Petition: Say NO to proposed amendments to Section 23 of the Films Act

Petition: Say YES to Film Ratings that are transparent, accountable, and fair

Open Letter to Infocomm Media Development Authority on Proposed Amendments to the Films Act