ASK 13

Looking Up/Looking Down (2010)


"It is the nature of the human mind to mark distinctions. It is our way of creating order out of chaos. The creation of art is an exhibition of creating form by marking distinctions. 

I watched the famous choreographer, Doug Nielsen at the University of Arizona, choreograph a work, Looking up/Looking down, for a dance performance in the Tucson Museum of Art responding to an exhibit from his personal art collection, Thanks for being with us, on display there. I asked if I could watch. He replied, “Come watch the confusion.” 

As dancers began to move, one movement was selected, marked as the one to imitate, and form was created out of the chaotic movement of shapes. The marked movement was contained in the space of the dance becoming the content of the experience of movement (Lehrer, 2010). That is art. That is life."

— Keith Lehrer, Art, Self, and Knowledge