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Moons in Shark Valley

Last night I rode on a bicycle through the Everglades, past alligators, beautiful in their still black leather,past long necked birds still fishing at sunset, and the sunset behind the clouds full of colors. The full moon appeared later streaked with cloud as I turned the bend in the road toward the return from the ride. 

Suddenly I enjoyed the reflections of the moon streaming by in the water as I rode. The moon stood still, but the reflection on the water moved with me as I rode, enchanting me. The moon is reflected light, the image on the water a reflection of a reflection as Plato taught.

I loved the image moving briefly with me on the water wounded with weeds better than the still clear moon or the hidden source of all the light of night and day. I remember the image of the moon moving with me on the water that disappeared as I rode into the dark toward an artificial light ahead at the end of the road.

— Keith Lehrer